3 ways to lessen stress and chronic inflammation in your body
There are some things that seem to be out of your control. I know I felt that way for a very long time. The cards were dealt and I had what I had. Well that thing I had, was causing me daily stress and we are talking like LOADS of stress, which then was causing LOADS of inflammation in my body. If you find yourself in this situation, just know, there IS help out there for you. Private message me if you want to chat.

  Now on to todays' blog which deals with the results of that stress...

1. Stay active! As much as you do not feel like moving, MOVE. Even if it is going for a walk outside around your back yard. You can even stand up from your couch and walk in place! Whatever works for you. Just get that heart pumpin'! Make sure to fit it in as much exercise into your schedule as you can.  You don't have to immediately dedicate a ton of time to it, I know you are busy but little by little your body will start to crave more movement. That is a good thing! Movement creates circulation, and getting that body pumping helps the cells circulate and function correctly. This reduces body fat which in turn reduces inflammation. 

2.Adjust how you react to stress! It is super hard I know, but the results are AMAZING! The body recognizes these stressful emotions as invaders, it can pinpoint target areas anywhere in the body and the body will then react and your inflammatory markers will rise. We don't want that! I like to do what I call, Woosahing. Yes, I know it sounds funny but if you have seen the movies you will understand. LOL What if you could reach for a solution? What if you could train your body and mind to react differently and calm those emotions and lessen the inflammation? I am here to tell you, you can! Reach for your favorite oil (if you don't know which ones, that is what I am here for), take some big deep breathes and repeat until your body and mind is calmed. Walk away. Leave the stressful environment and pick up a journal and write it all down and get it out of your system. Or, try some yoga meditation exercises. I did, and it gave me a self balance feeling that I have learned to love. Whatever you do just make sure you don't give up! If one thing doesn't work, try another! Adjust your REACTION!

3. Eat LESS inflammatory foods! Have more antioxidants, try wolfberries, try blueberries or maybe my Secret juice! (Msg for details) Eat berries, fish, broccoli, and more!  Inflammatory foods are dairy, red meats, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and many more. Make yourself aware of what you are putting in your body. If you know you have a high stress lifestyle or environment then focus your eating habits on things to help versus agitate. We may not always be able to snap our fingers and change our environment but we can control our food intake. Research, try new things, find your solution!

It might take time but FIGHT BACK against the stress and inflammation and never, ever give up. When the day comes, you will feel a sense of peace and you will know that your hard work paid off and your inflammatory levels dropped and you learned to lessen your stress and inflammation. 

See you all soon on my next blog...

"Fight Back"


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