What IS inflammation? Do you understand how it works in your body?
Here is my take on things...
Inflammation is the process your body has for fighting against things that harm it. Things like infections, injuries, and toxins. When something damages your body then your immune system “fights back”. Kind of like me 😉  So when does that turn into a bad thing and cause pain? 
When it becomes CHRONIC. Chronic inflammation can cause cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, arthritis & joint pain, obesity, allergies, psoriasis, asthma, diabetes, colitis & Crohn’s disease, infection, blindness and more. Do any of those scare you? They should. Chronic inflammation is damaging to our bodies and is the reason for so many people suffering with pain. I was one of those people. 
Stiffness is a pain. Literally. It prevents us from doing the things that we love. How about saddling a horse? Imagine this, the weight of the saddle causes your arms to burn, your stomach to tighten, and your shoulders to ache. You heave the saddle up onto the horse and with a great big breath of relief, you take a break. Then you reach for the cinch and latigo and your hands just aren’t working right. You thread it through and slowly tighten it on your horse. When you are ready to pull it tight your hands ache so bad that you start to shake and throb. You finally get it tight and again, take a breath and a break. What is wrong? This should be so easy. Chronic inflammation in my joints and my hands makes my hobby of riding such a pain.
When your inflammatory levels are normal then life is much easier to do daily tasks. Lets take laundry for instance. Have you ever sat on the floor in front of your washer and tried to pull the heavy wet laundry out and you just couldn’t. When I say couldn’t I mean, bracing your legs against the washer, reaching in and grabbing small amounts of laundry and while your hands are shaking and burning you give it all you have and BAM. You get “some” of the laundry out and slam back into the wall behind you. Yes that used to be my world. Crazy isn’t it? Sounds fake, dramatic, and unnecessary right? Trust me, I know. Humiliation is something I became very used to. My days have gotten better but this is a battle that I will manage for my entire life. Do you ever wonder to yourself will this pain go away? It can. Life can be easier and better! I have researched and had so many trials and errors to get to where I am and I want to share this with you. 
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It is a passion of mine to help others out there that are suffering. Even if it is lending an ear. Message me for more details, or questions or just to talk through things. 
“Fight Back”


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