Are you hiding? Are you smiling in public and dying behind closed doors?
Do you only emerge when you feel good?  There are some people that you see all of them. The good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe for some, it is just good all of the time right?  Let's get real, life is not good ALL of the time but some make it seem that way. I have had moments where I was humiliated and broken and wanted to hide in my house and not leave for weeks. I was sad, lost, hopeless, discouraged and just really didn't want to talk to or see anyone except my husband and kids.  I was not depressed, I was at a loss for INFORMATION and help with my new problem.  Doctors? Yes, I went to one, and then another and another and another and well you get the picture.

Humiliation was at an all time high and was controlling me. I was stuck in this new hell that was controlling my every move. Or should I say the lack of movement. Can't barely do dishes, check. Can't barely cut food, check. Can't brush out hair, check. Showering well that is just exhaustion wrapped up in a sweaty mess and yes I said sweat and shower together because it was a workout just to wash my hair and shower. Laundry...HA. Carrying laundry baskets was not just a chore, it was hell. My arms would be on fire and ache so deep that tears would flow and I couldn't even stop. 

Do you have uncontrollable
~Exhaustion(not just being tired but falling asleep at the drop of a hat kind of exhaustion)
~Foggy Brain
~Emotional stress from physical weakness
~and many more

These symptoms match MANY descriptions in the medical world.  There were so many theories on what was wrong with me.  I heard everything from MS, to ALS, to Nuero issues, to EBV, to Autoimmune and well my all time favorite ....It is in your head so go see a shrink.  Many tears flowed and one day I said no more. I am going to do my own research and be my own advocate and FIX MYSELF!  I didn't WANT to be this way, what were they thinking?

I know I can overcome this. I am STRONG MINDED. I am DETERMINED.  I WANT MY LIFE BACK.  


And guess what? I didn't give up. I learned a lot and now I want to help YOU!

If you have ever had moments like these and want to share your story, message me.  I would love to chat with you and see if I can help you find a solution.  Someone reached out to me, and I am now passing it forward and reaching out to you. 

Stop hiding and click this link to message me 

I would love to help you start your new journey to feeling better!

Angela Newhouse
~Fight Back, Never Give Up~


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