Do you really KNOW yourself?  3 ways to learn about yourself
1. Dig deep and find your core values. Find out what you stand for. If you have always been one to follow what others think or what others do because it is the easy way then take a moment to discover YOU.  We don't need to get into whether you are a republican or a democrat or whether you believe in GOD.  I am talking about, are you honest? Do you have a good moral foundation and know the difference between truth and lies and live by the truth?  Have you taken advantage of people? Do you cuss? Do you NOT allow bad words to be spoken in your presence?  Do you pray before meals or morning and night? Are you a modest and proper person?  Do you fly off the seat of your pants kind of person? These are just some examples but to honestly learn who you are inside you need to first set the ground rules and to me that starts with morals.  Some of the above questions are just discovering who you are a little more but mainly do you have honesty? Integrity? Some people don't have any morals. They will take advantage of others, they will be untruthful, they cause harm, etc. Then there are people who have a good moral core that guides them through life's troubles and keeps them on the straight and narrow path. To really KNOW yourself you need to figure out what morals you live by in your life or ones that you want to live by. We all have room for improvement so if you don't have any then sit down and create a list!

2. What do YOU like?  Have you thought about that lately? This is important because if you don't know what you like then how do you make yourself happy?  Examples: What do you like to eat? What do you NOT like to eat? What music do you like? What is your favorite "go to" thing when you need some time alone? Do you like to read? What puts a smile on your face? Do you have a hobby? Who is your favorite person to hang out with and where? Do you like the mountains or the beach?  Do you like movies? Do you like yardwork?  Discover WHO you are. This is key to Livin' A Happy Life and to finding peace within yourself. If you are lost and don't know what you like then it is hard to really create a happiness within. 

3. Are you living a life to be proud of? If you are like me then whenever you do something that you aren't proud of then it eats away at me and makes things ten times worse.  We are not perfect and throughout life there will always be ups and downs and things we wish we could go back and change but if you TRY to always make good choices and live a life that you are proud of then your road to success will be much smoother.  For some people they don't even know what the word proud means. They put others in front of themselves all of the time and they never take time to self reflect on what makes them feel good or proud. The best way is to sit down and think to yourself what those things are or could be and then set goals.  As an example, I feel proud when I have accomplished goals. Each time I check something off of the to do list it makes me feel proud of myself and accomplished.  I also feel proud when I look at my daughter and see what a wonderful person she is and how much she has overcome in her short life and how I helped her get through some very rough times and I know that she is going to be ok. That makes me the proudest of all to see her smile.  What makes you feel proud? Do you incorporate that into your life? Are you fulfilling that need within?   Can you look at your life decisions and be proud of who you are?  Proud of the kids that you have raised or are raising?  Take some time to figure this out. 

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Take Care!

Angela Newhouse

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