3 reasons why creating personal boundaries is important!
You are less likely to be manipulated-being manipulated can happen and you may not even know it. You will start to wonder, did you make that decision or did they make it for you? Setting personal boundaries can help you from having people walk on you or manipulate you. Being manipulated is less likely to happen to people that have set and clear boundaries.

It helps you define who you are and gives you self awareness-If you don't have self awareness then there is the possibility of you taking on the persona of others and not being your own self. People with no personal boundaries can easily fall into the crowd and be a follower and it may not always be in your best interest to follow others. They may not have the same morals and heart as you do. What are your likes, dislikes and what morals do you have? What boundaries do you want to set? Do you really know what you want and who you are?
It sets clear expectations to those around you- If you do not set clear expectations and make it known to those around you then they have no clue how to act. Maybe you don't like cussing around you. If you don't express yourself and set the boundary of no cussing around you then how will people know? Maybe you don't like to be picked on. Maybe it overwhelms you or makes you very upset. By setting clear expectations and communicating with those around you then it sets a personal boundary around you that others will respect. Example:  If you truly want the negativity around you to stop then set clear expectations and personal boundaries in regards to not allowing negativity around you. You will see your life brighten with every positive moment.

These are just a few reasons to set personal boundaries but you need to:

Know who you are.

Know what you believe in.

Know what you will allow around you and what you will not allow around you.

Having these personal boundaries set will help you from falling victim to abuse.

Angela Newhouse~Author
The Scars That Built Me (Published book)
Never Give Up!
Don't just live...thrive!


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