TOP 2 ways to know what foods are good/ bad for your body!

TOP 2 ways to know what foods are good/ bad for your body!
Throughout the years we always hear the latest greatest 

"This is good for you" 
 "This is bad for you"

But does the person writing the articles REALLY know what is good for you?  Are they just speculating based off of numbers and what is supposed to be a normal category of what "most people" benefit from eating or most people have bad reactions to this.

I learned that each and every one of us is different! I learned that I was NOT going to be put in a category and labeled. 

I wanted answers and I wanted to know how to treat MY BODY. Not millions of other bodies, MINE.

Sound a little selfish? Probably. But, we only have one body and one life to live so below I put 3 things that helped me find out how to help my body and I think you should do the same!

1. Journal We are human and we can't remember everything. Sometimes I can't even remember if I had coffee or not this morning. LOL Ok maybe that is slightly skewed because I have coffee EVERY DAY but seriously, do you remember what you had for breakfast last monday or how it made you feel? How about what liquids you drank the week before and how it made you feel? If you write things down in a journal of what you are putting into your body then sometimes it can help pinpoint things that your body is rejecting. Example: Everyone says cucumbers are healthy for you. Is it healthy for them or me? Most definitely NOT me because every time I eat them (and I love to eat them but shouldn't) then my throat itches and I can't swallow good and then later I have an upset stomach. Who would have guessed that? Not me had I not seen it in my journal that every time I ate them then I had issues. It is a pain yes, but seriously, you don't have to carry around a journal all of the time if you don't want to.  You can type it in your notes on your phone or get an app to log your food and drink intake. It is super simple and will help you a ton.

2. Allergy Test Take the time to meet with your doctor and discuss options. A food allergy test may just be the key to helping you understand what your body likes and dislikes. Now if you eat it anyway well than that is self inflicted pain on your part.  I know that I shouldn't eat dairy or sugars because it affects my arthritis but sometimes I eat the ice cream anyway and sure enough the next day I can feel it! My knees will ache so bad and then I after a while you have to decide, is it really worth it?

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Digestion issues with your auto immune disease? 3 ways to help your gut!

Digestion issues with your auto immune disease? 3 ways to help your gut!
When I started having auto immune issues one of the worst things was my gut. I would be doubled over and not feeling good at all. It takes the wind out of my sails and makes getting up and going about my day so much harder. For me it would cause:

~Emotional sensitiivty

So what did I do to help myself through it? 

1. Eat smaller meals more times throughout the day! Eating snacks and smaller meals more times during the day not only adds to your energy level but it gives your stomach time to process the food it is being given and not just stack it up and hold it which causes the bloating and pain and yes, the exhaustion.

2. Drink more water! I know we hear this a lot in life and a lot of us say oh sure I will drink more water and then don't. I am guilty of that, but when I set a schedule and stay on top of my water intake then my stomach feels so much better! Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day to keep your digestion issues in check.

3. Make sure what you are eating isn't clogging you up!  Example: with my auto immune issues there has been a new found issue with gluten products. That wasn't appealing for me because I LOVED pastas and breads and well a lot of things with gluten lol. I have rearranged my eating styles to better assist my stomach in processing the foods. That has helped a ton with the bloating and the knife in your gut pain. 

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Angela Newhouse
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If not now...then WHEN?

If not now...then WHEN?
Topic of conversation today is WHEN

That is it. One word. 

That is the word that haunts most people and they avoid that word like the plague. Answering that question of WHEN takes commitment. Hence the reason it is normally avoided. People are scared. Scared of commitment, scared of succeeding and scared of failing.  So, if we never answer the question of WHEN then WHEN do you think we will ever get new results? The answer? 

Elephant in the room has now been called out. Now can we move on? Perfect

WHEN will you decide to live a "better" life?

 This is a difficult question. It is difficult because most people don't even know what is making them unhappy. That is a big hurdle to get over. OR, maybe you do but you just don't listen to yourself or have confidence in yourself that you can change your circumstances. How do you make it better if you don't know what problem to tackle or if you don't have the confidence in yourself?  Maybe it will take an outsiders opinion, maybe it will take family and friends telling you, maybe it will take your children telling you. Maybe you already have listened to them, you just have to listen closer. Listen to the outsider asking if you are ok, listen to the family/friends that continuously check on you or offer unwanted advice, or listen to your kids saying mom/dad please come play with me.  Look back on those moments and actually listen. What are they trying to tell you? Do they want you to be a better version of YOU that they see even if you can't? Sometimes the answers are in front of us the entire time. We just need to listen and then we need to decide WHEN we want to reach out and create a BETTER life. So WHEN will you be ready? The answer should be NOW. 

WHEN will you decide that you want to FEEL better?  

You say you hurt. Ok, I can understand that. I do too. We all have our journeys that we have overcome and some of us will fight this battle every day of our lives BUT how can you FEEL better if you don't decide WHEN you will make a change? If you don't decide WHEN to change your path, then you will never know what possibilities you have for feeling better. You need to take time to collect your thoughts and decide TODAY IS THE DAY.  The stress relief that you will feel just from deciding WHEN will be enough to put a smile on your face. Relief is an understatement. They don't say that today is the first day of the rest of your life for nothing. Millions of people know that when they decide WHEN then there is a sense of comfort in knowing things are about to change. Don't know where to start? That is what I am for. Message me day or night and I will help YOU. Yes, I will be here for you. Why? I have been where you are or in a similar situation and there is an UP from here. You just have to decide WHEN.

What is YOUR answer?
WHEN will you decide to make some changes?
WHEN will you decide to reach out?
WHEN will you decide to live a better life?
NOW. You are here so Click HERE.
Make the decision.
Make the WHEN stress get off your chest. 

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I am so excited to help YOU live a better life. I know how good it made me feel at that very moment that I decided WHEN to change my life and I want to share that with everyone! Talk to you soon!

Angela Newhouse
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I used to swear someone stuck an IV in me and filled me full of CONCRETE...

I used to swear someone stuck an IV in me and filled me full of CONCRETE...
Have any of you felt like that? Laying in bed in the morning and before I even open my eyes and start my day, I am already exhausted. How is that possible? My body feels so heavy and I would swear that in the middle of the night someone either stacked a bunch of sandbags on top of me or stuck me with an IV and filled me full of concrete.  

Now, start your day. Get UP! There are things to do, work to be done, children to give attention to, family members to love but nope you just can't.  It is an uphill battle to drag yourself out of bed and get in the shower. Isn't a shower supposed to be refreshing? Why am I sweating and exhausted by just showering? That kind of defeats the purpose of getting clean when you are literally sweating just from washing your hair and shaving your legs. This was my life. Crazy isn't it? 

Here are 3 things that I learned during my journey:

Never, ever, give up and settle with "this is my life".  There are so many options out there these days to get help for whatever you are going through. Fight for your right to feel better. Fight for your strength back. Fight for a better life! I believe settling is not an option and I am a researcher so if you do not know where to start, message me. I would love to help you find a better quality of life. I am not promising that it is easy because it most definitely is NOT. However, the joy and peace that you will feel when you have the energy to play with your children, the strength to pack up the horse trailer and go to a horse show with your friends, or the drive to get out and do yard work with your husband is irreplaceable. 

Trust your GUT. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong then it is right. If your doctors are telling you all of your test are "normal" and you are fine so go home but you know your body and you know that you used to be strong, you used to be motivated, you used to have energy, then you keep digging and do not back down. Always trust your gut and dive deeper into researching things on your own if you have to. We know our bodies. If you are a strong guy who is always working hard, or who is always active for long hours of the day and you are feeling sluggish and tired all of the time for no particular reason then look into it. don't just ignore the signs and your gut feeling of something is wrong because your ego doesn't want to admit it. I am not saying you have to be a physically fit and in shape person who all of a sudden feels weak, tired and unmotivated. I am talking about those of us that are living our lives, work hard, play hard, and are always go go go and one day you hit a brick wall and think to yourself I "used to be able to do this" or " I used to be able to do that" and you really can't think of a particular reason why and your doctor says you have been evaluated and all is normal. That nagging feeling in your gut saying no, I am sorry but this is not normal, LISTEN TO IT.

Have courage.  Fight for your right to feel better. I can't say this enough. Yes it is scary. Yes there is the second guessing and the feeling of what if I fail or what if I am wrong. Be courageous and if you add never give up, trust your gut and have courage all together then there is hope for you to feel better! Be bold, try different things. Do not be afraid to try things out of the normal doctors and prescriptions song and dance. There ARE other ways and they are healthy and they are cleaner and they are non-addictive and they are wonderful. I was terrified. I was scared of judgement, criticism, people making fun of me, people de-friending me, etc. I have honestly had all of those feelings. I even felt like maybe my husband would look at me differently if I started going outside of what is normal. Guess what? All of those feelings are normal but are you going to allow them to take over or are you going to be courageous and try something new?  If you are ready to try something new then message me NOW .

Never Give Up, Trust Your Gut, and have Courage! 

I can help. Message me now.

Angela Newhouse
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