What are your passions? Lets plan to JUMP START YOUR PASSIONS for 2021!

What are your passions? Lets plan to JUMP START YOUR PASSIONS for 2021!
Do you know what YOU like to do? 

Let's figure this out. This is a huge step in your journey to THRIVING

So, how do you figure this out? 

What makes your heart smile? I want you to sit down and truly think about what makes you smile. Is it when you get to spend time with your children? Is it when you make arts and crafts and sell them to a customer and brighten a piece of their world? How about when you give advice to someone who is lost and they are able to then move forward from their mental block? Maybe it is riding horses?  Sit down in your room and lock the door to the outside world, or go for a walk by yourself and take some time to truly THINK and let all the things in life flow through your mind and as you think of each one make a note of the one(s) that truly just make you smile! You are thinking seriously how will this work, well it DOES. If you truly focus your mind on many topics and when you come across that one that makes you smile and touches your heart then you KNOW, that is it.

What is nagging at you that you just can't forget about?  You know that dream that you always have in the back of your mind...what is it? Is it donating time at the animal shelter? Is it painting? Is it helping youth get on track for the future and being a mentor? Maybe it is  cooking?  What about boating?  Do you like to design things?  What nags at you that you just can't seem to feel complete without?  Is it starting your own business? Lets get this figured out! 

If you are so passionate about something that you just can't seem to let it go or if you think your life is dull and you don't know what you are even passionate about then WE NEED TO FIX THAT!  If you need a cheerleader then I will be that cheerleader for you because I want to see everyone Confident & Thriving and there is a big, bright, amazing world out there and finding your PASSION is important to know on your journey.  Lets get ready for 2021 and THRIVING!

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Change your mindset! Get rid of daily negativity with these 3 steps

Change your mindset!  Get rid of daily negativity with these 3 steps
1. Start your morning with GRATITUDE!   It is truly amazing how waking up and being grateful can change your day completely.  You know how easy it is to be negative.  You wake up to dogs barking, your husband blaring his morning music, the long list of items you know you need to get done and you just start your day being edgy. No one "wants" to be in a bad mood. So change it! Yes it is that easy. Not without some work though. Just like getting on a diet plan or working out, it takes consistency but when you realize that you can train your brain to see the good in things and be grateful for life and everything in your life then you can start your day with gratitude! Example, I am so lucky to have those dogs that I absolutely love with all my heart that alert me when danger may be near, I am so blessed that my husband is still here to sing and blare his music after his accident last year, and I am overly blessed at the to do list because the outcome of finishing the list is going to be EPIC!  Sounds silly but once you train your mind to find the positive things and have gratitude then the negative will fade away.

2.  Find YOUR HAPPINESS! What makes YOU happy. Is it enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning on the patio before everyone wakes up, is it pulling into your dream job, or is it your hobby? Do you have a hobby?  I recommend that everyone know what makes themselves truly happy. Not what makes your children happy, what makes your husband happy or your employer, but what truly makes you smile and your soul shine. If you do not know what makes you happy then you seriously need to take the time to figure this out. Do some soul searching and find your inner happiness and use it to create a newer brighter future.  Even if it is unattainable in your current situation like going out and buying some horses lol  There are other ways to enjoy your hobby or to create your own happiness without jumping way past your comfort zone or financial situation. Start by bringing that happiness into your life.  They don't tell you to make a dream board for nothing. Start bringing more and more of what makes you happy into your life! Like horses as an example. Start watching horse videos, following pages on social media that offers that fulfillment of your hobby.  Even if your hobby is reading an intriguing book. Find a way to incorporate that into your life so much that when someone says "what makes you happy?" you know the answer and don't stutter. Find YOUR happiness and the negative lifestyle will fade away.

3. Reach your GOALS!  I am sure you are thinking that you set goals all the time. Yes, you probably do but do you reach them? Do you actually do the work that it takes to get to the end zone?  Do you even try to reach them? Think about this for a minute, most people dream up goals but never finish the work to reach the end zone.  They say I would love to someday work from home, or I would love to have more family time someday, or I would love to travel more (well maybe not in this 2020 age of the virus) but you get the drift. Saying it is not doing it.  Lets take the work from home theory. If that is what you want then have you investigated companies that allow it? Have you researched business advisors that can help you attain it? How about reaching out to other people that work from home to see what they are doing, have you done that? Or is it just a comment that flows through your lips and never has backup action to allow you the possibility of conquering it.  I decided I wanted to be home more for my teenage daughter, I decided I wanted to make a good living to provide for her and her future, and guess what? I am doing that! Research-check  Reaching out to employers that have stay at home business opportunities-check  Setting up a future business for/with my daughter-check  Business advisor to get your stay at home business to the top-check.  What have you done to reach your goal? Once you reach it there is an undeniable happiness that soothes your soul and strips the negativity away.

So what have you learned here today? Start your mornings with GRATITUDE, find YOUR HAPPINESS, and start REACHING YOUR GOALS!  Do not allow negative thoughts to creep in. Take ACTION on the above and you will see a difference!

You can message me if you need some mindset guidance or maybe some essential oils to help you on this new journey. I want you all to be as happy as I am and I will gladly help you through.

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Always start your day with gratitude!

What IS inflammation? Do you understand how it works in your body?

What IS inflammation? Do you understand how it works in your body?
Here is my take on things...
Inflammation is the process your body has for fighting against things that harm it. Things like infections, injuries, and toxins. When something damages your body then your immune system “fights back”. Kind of like me đŸ˜‰  So when does that turn into a bad thing and cause pain? 
When it becomes CHRONIC. Chronic inflammation can cause cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, arthritis & joint pain, obesity, allergies, psoriasis, asthma, diabetes, colitis & Crohn’s disease, infection, blindness and more. Do any of those scare you? They should. Chronic inflammation is damaging to our bodies and is the reason for so many people suffering with pain. I was one of those people. 
Stiffness is a pain. Literally. It prevents us from doing the things that we love. How about saddling a horse? Imagine this, the weight of the saddle causes your arms to burn, your stomach to tighten, and your shoulders to ache. You heave the saddle up onto the horse and with a great big breath of relief, you take a break. Then you reach for the cinch and latigo and your hands just aren’t working right. You thread it through and slowly tighten it on your horse. When you are ready to pull it tight your hands ache so bad that you start to shake and throb. You finally get it tight and again, take a breath and a break. What is wrong? This should be so easy. Chronic inflammation in my joints and my hands makes my hobby of riding such a pain.
When your inflammatory levels are normal then life is much easier to do daily tasks. Lets take laundry for instance. Have you ever sat on the floor in front of your washer and tried to pull the heavy wet laundry out and you just couldn’t. When I say couldn’t I mean, bracing your legs against the washer, reaching in and grabbing small amounts of laundry and while your hands are shaking and burning you give it all you have and BAM. You get “some” of the laundry out and slam back into the wall behind you. Yes that used to be my world. Crazy isn’t it? Sounds fake, dramatic, and unnecessary right? Trust me, I know. Humiliation is something I became very used to. My days have gotten better but this is a battle that I will manage for my entire life. Do you ever wonder to yourself will this pain go away? It can. Life can be easier and better! I have researched and had so many trials and errors to get to where I am and I want to share this with you. 
Check out my “Fight Back Secret” to learn some ways that you can FIGHT BACK against your pain.
It is a passion of mine to help others out there that are suffering. Even if it is lending an ear. Message me for more details, or questions or just to talk through things. 
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Cut the Bull -Do you WANT to feel better? 3 things to think about…

Cut the Bull -Do you WANT to feel better? 3 things to think about…
What's your story... 

  1.  Strength – If you had the strength, what would you do? Would you go outside and play with your kids? Would you go ride your horses like you used to? Would you go for a hike and take in some mountain air? Think of the possibilities. We get so stuck in our lives and we forget to think ahead and to dream. Dream about fixing your problem and getting better! My homework for you is to write down the things you would do if you just had the strength to do it.
  2.  Happiness-What does happiness look like to you? Is happiness being able to go on a vacation and walk around the beautiful beach without getting tired? Is happiness running around the living room and making your kids giggle? Dream about what makes you smile, what truly warms your heart and makes you smile. Write it down. Remind your self what happiness is and set goals.
  3. EnergyWe all work so hard and get SO tired! We always say tomorrow, or maybe later or hold on and then we never do it. What if you never said those words again! What if you had the energy to do whatever YOU wanted to do? Take the dog for a walk. No problem. Take the kids to the park and have play time. No problem! What about every day chores that we talk ourselves into doing. Yes, there is no better way to get those chores done quickly and easily when you have ENERGY!
When you have STRENGTH, HAPPINESS and ENERGY, how does your life look? Is your heart happier? Is your family happier? Is your work life happier? YES it is! When you have all of the things above then life is just a little brighter, for me anyways. How dim is it when we lay around tired all the time, put things off that we enjoy doing but don’t have the strength, or when we are living under a cloud and just can’t seem to lift our spirits. Your homework is to write answers to the above and then, contact me. I can help you feel better! It is a passion of mine. I have been through so much and I do not want others to waste time like I did.

 Feel better, live better and FIGHT BACK against not feeling good!  

Live a happy life!

Message me for details on how I can HELP you!  Love this info? You will LOVE my "Fight Back Secret"! Check it out here.

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4 ways Yoga can help lower your stress and anxiety

4 ways Yoga can help lower your stress and anxiety
 Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and in today's world it has become more prevalent than ever before. The benefits of it stem way beyond what I am listing here but these are my favorite.  This has recently given me peace of mind and taught me how to control my thoughts and redirect them to a more healthy energy. One thing that I learned long ago was how to center myself, my thoughts and body with simple yoga maneuvers and it has been my favorite tool to lower my anxiety ever since! I even apply the knowledge when riding my horses.  I have so much more to learn but what I did learn is below.

1. Yoga can be a powerful tool to help calm you and can help lower tension and promote relaxation. When I have high stress my body tends to tense up dramatically and I can feel it in my jaw, my back, my neck and more. Lots of tension in our bodies can add to the tension in our minds and the stress level climbs from there. So why not help lower it? The relaxation benefits of yoga help us physically and mentally and give us back control from the grip that the stress has on us.

2.  Yoga can help regulate how we breathe. If you are anything like me, during stressful situations I tend to hold my breathe a lot. Most of the time I do not even know I am doing it! After that I am taking super fast breathes to catch up and it seems to add to my stress level. Slowing down our breathing and (Woosahing is what I like to call it lol) taking deep long soothing breathes can help our nervous system and bring us back to awareness and let the level of stress start to decrease.

3.  Worrying is something that can control us if we let it but Yoga helps break that worrisome cycle. We stop worrying about what is on our mind and we start focusing on the activity that we need to perform. It is a lot like riding my horse. It is a sense of therapy for me because instead of focusing on worrying, I am focused on controlling my horse. You have a sense of coming back into your correct frame of mind and body and therefore lets go of the worrisome thoughts.

4. Yoga is a challenge and in that journey we come across self acceptance. We learn to accept our bodies, our abilities and of course our limits. We can’t do everything in life but there is a sort of peace that comes over us when we learn what we can do and what we are capable of. This self acceptance helps us lower our stress level by feeling comfortable with ourselves. 
What does Yoga do for you? I love to hear how people are moved, shifted and changed by Yoga.

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