Learn 3 ways that you can help your body during verbal abuse. Not your mind, but your body...

Learn 3 ways that you can help your body during verbal abuse.  Not your mind, but your body...
     You are rushing around day in and day out. You have kids to get ready, a household to keep up, a husband/wife to please, your job to go to and many more things. It can get exhausting! We get so used to just living our lives and "dealing" with whatever is thrown our way that we forget to look for stressors. Why should we look for stressors? So we can ELIMINATE them. Many people do not even know the true damage that stress does to our body. One of the biggest stressors that people do not even realize is emotional stress that comes from verbal abuse. Yes, I said it, emotional and verbal abuse. I am not just talking the ladies of the group who you think oh she is being overly sensitive or she is being a girl (She is a girl by the way) but it can go both ways. The husband can be verbally abused by his wife also. There are more and more unexplained medical issues showing up in our bodies daily and we just roll with it. The Dr.s prescribe prescriptions to help with the pain or discomfort and then we just continue our lives until the stress breaks us. Our bodies start shutting down, our emotional state starts getting numb, our performance at work starts slacking and our children look at us like we are just zombies walking around and they see us walk right by them and we don’t even acknowledge their presence. 
Enough is enough! This comes from personal experience of being in a very dangerous relationship where a lot of verbal abuse was going on and I thought I was tough. I thought I could handle it. It wasn’t until the stressor was removed and the abuse began to slow down that I realized that a lot of my symptoms had been initiated by the stress my body and mind was going through. I had no clue that it was affecting my body. My mind, yes I knew that. My body? I was clueless.  To me it was emotional and yes it was scary and yes it was “stressful” but I was just dealing. You just take things day by day and continue on. There is no other option, deal with it and keep going. I discovered later in life that there were things that could help that I never even knew existed.
My 3 bits of advice if you are going through any kind of emotional or verbal abuse. 
This could be from your spouse, your boss, anyone really.
  1. TAKE CARE OF YOU-Make sure that you do not allow your immune system to be compromised. When your immune system gets so stressed that it starts shutting down then you won’t be good to anyone because you will be a physical mess. Pain, stiffness, gastro issues and the list is literally endless.  A lot of us don’t have the option to just remove ourselves away from the abuse so why not do our part to help our bodies? Get immune boosters! Start building up what you know is stressed out and breaking down. I don’t care if it is actual immune boosting capsules or if it is select essential oils that are specific to the stress you are going through. Do your research! There are so many natural products out there that can help us and that can help our bodies be the best they can be, even in the worst of situations. Best case scenario is always to remove yourself, ask for help, and get out, but lets be realistic for a moment and just say the raw truth. It is easier said than done. So help yourself in other ways. Find things like Frankincense, Harmony, Ningxia and many more to boost your immune system. You do not want your list of health issues to grow. Whatever you do just make sure that you are taking care of YOU.
  2. FIND A SUPPORT SYSTEM-This is a key ingredient to staying healthy too! Free your mind by getting things off of your chest. I am not talking about complaining and being obnoxious and blabbering all of your issues across town. I am talking about finding someone or even a group of people that may share your concerns and just discuss things. You can find a lot of help in group settings. So many people think that they are going through things alone or that they are the only ones having that particular issue but nine times out of ten there is someone else out there that knows exactly how you feel and that in itself can give you comfort by being able to talk to them about their experiences and the best parts of how they overcame the issues. This will relieve some stress off of your body, carrying it all by yourself only adds stress.
  3. WOOSAH- Yes I said that word. If you don’t know what it is then look it up! It is like what the doctors tell you when you are about to give birth…control your breathing, slow down your heart rate, relax your body. Ok we all know that is bullshit and we sometimes can’t calm ourselves down but we really do need to learn to do that. Times will get better, issues will pass but there can be lasting effects on your body if you don’t deal with stress correctly. I know we are all tough (I am for sure), I know we all don’t need anyone else’s help (we are fooling ourselves with that one) and I definitely know that we know everything about everything (at least I do - not). So my advice to you is take the time to just breathe. Woosah through the tough times because things will get better. It may not be today, or tomorrow, or 5 years from now or in my case 20 years before I seen the abuse lift a little where I could breathe but when it does you need to be strong enough to enjoy life on the other side! I am getting there and it is fabulous. Every day gets better and better.  Life gets better and less stressful every day. I mean we all have our normal stress. Kids didn’t clean up their messes, the husband didn’t do what we asked for the billionth time, your boss is a hell raising, whip cracking unappreciative psycho but hey that’s normal every day stress. Emotional and verbal abuse is a whole other ball game.  It breaks down our bodies on the inside. They always use to say sticks and stones can break our bones but words can never hurt us. They lied. Sometimes it chips away at our healthy bodies and deteriorates them. So the best thing you can do for your body is WOOSAH -De-Stress Mentally!
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Cut the Bull -Do you WANT to feel better? 3 things to think about…

Cut the Bull -Do you WANT to feel better? 3 things to think about…
What's your story... 

  1.  Strength – If you had the strength, what would you do? Would you go outside and play with your kids? Would you go ride your horses like you used to? Would you go for a hike and take in some mountain air? Think of the possibilities. We get so stuck in our lives and we forget to think ahead and to dream. Dream about fixing your problem and getting better! My homework for you is to write down the things you would do if you just had the strength to do it.
  2.  Happiness-What does happiness look like to you? Is happiness being able to go on a vacation and walk around the beautiful beach without getting tired? Is happiness running around the living room and making your kids giggle? Dream about what makes you smile, what truly warms your heart and makes you smile. Write it down. Remind your self what happiness is and set goals.
  3. EnergyWe all work so hard and get SO tired! We always say tomorrow, or maybe later or hold on and then we never do it. What if you never said those words again! What if you had the energy to do whatever YOU wanted to do? Take the dog for a walk. No problem. Take the kids to the park and have play time. No problem! What about every day chores that we talk ourselves into doing. Yes, there is no better way to get those chores done quickly and easily when you have ENERGY!
When you have STRENGTH, HAPPINESS and ENERGY, how does your life look? Is your heart happier? Is your family happier? Is your work life happier? YES it is! When you have all of the things above then life is just a little brighter, for me anyways. How dim is it when we lay around tired all the time, put things off that we enjoy doing but don’t have the strength, or when we are living under a cloud and just can’t seem to lift our spirits. Your homework is to write answers to the above and then, contact me. I can help you feel better! It is a passion of mine. I have been through so much and I do not want others to waste time like I did.

 Feel better, live better and FIGHT BACK against not feeling good!  

Live a happy life!

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4 ways Yoga can help lower your stress and anxiety

4 ways Yoga can help lower your stress and anxiety
 Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and in today's world it has become more prevalent than ever before. The benefits of it stem way beyond what I am listing here but these are my favorite.  This has recently given me peace of mind and taught me how to control my thoughts and redirect them to a more healthy energy. One thing that I learned long ago was how to center myself, my thoughts and body with simple yoga maneuvers and it has been my favorite tool to lower my anxiety ever since! I even apply the knowledge when riding my horses.  I have so much more to learn but what I did learn is below.

1. Yoga can be a powerful tool to help calm you and can help lower tension and promote relaxation. When I have high stress my body tends to tense up dramatically and I can feel it in my jaw, my back, my neck and more. Lots of tension in our bodies can add to the tension in our minds and the stress level climbs from there. So why not help lower it? The relaxation benefits of yoga help us physically and mentally and give us back control from the grip that the stress has on us.

2.  Yoga can help regulate how we breathe. If you are anything like me, during stressful situations I tend to hold my breathe a lot. Most of the time I do not even know I am doing it! After that I am taking super fast breathes to catch up and it seems to add to my stress level. Slowing down our breathing and (Woosahing is what I like to call it lol) taking deep long soothing breathes can help our nervous system and bring us back to awareness and let the level of stress start to decrease.

3.  Worrying is something that can control us if we let it but Yoga helps break that worrisome cycle. We stop worrying about what is on our mind and we start focusing on the activity that we need to perform. It is a lot like riding my horse. It is a sense of therapy for me because instead of focusing on worrying, I am focused on controlling my horse. You have a sense of coming back into your correct frame of mind and body and therefore lets go of the worrisome thoughts.

4. Yoga is a challenge and in that journey we come across self acceptance. We learn to accept our bodies, our abilities and of course our limits. We can’t do everything in life but there is a sort of peace that comes over us when we learn what we can do and what we are capable of. This self acceptance helps us lower our stress level by feeling comfortable with ourselves. 
What does Yoga do for you? I love to hear how people are moved, shifted and changed by Yoga.

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