Start adding more positivity to your life TODAY by joining my FREE 30 day challenge!

Start adding more positivity to your life TODAY by joining my FREE 30 day challenge!

My Story


I help passionate and determined people like you gain confidence, find your self-worth and inspire you to live the professional life that you have always dreamed of.

I didn't arrive here easily, though.

For years, I felt helpless inside my own mind.... Even as I was learning how to integrate more stability and positive professional habits into my life, I was still struggling daily...

As far back as I can remember, I have been thrown curveballs. Dodging them was not a sport or a fun game, it was live or die. I learned at a very young age that in order to survive the traumas inflicted upon me that I would need to be a survivor, a fighter and have a NEVER GIVE UP mentality. That is an extremely hard task to do on your own. Trying to live life in the best way that I knew how, I will be honest, I failed multiple times but I always, ALWAYS learned something. 

There were waves and waves of trauma, insecurities, wrong choices, lessons learned and humiliation that were drowning me and taking the success out of my life. I was an overachiever, an emotional thinker, a people pleaser, a settler and I always put others and their business first.  Who wants to settle for a job where they can't be themselves and that takes their confidence down even lower than it already is?  I knew that I was trying my very best and I was always striving to be better, but always falling short of being successful or being promoted.  One day it came to a confrontational decision, my job (that I wasn't too fond of because of the toxic environment) or my family.  I chose my family. They wanted me to travel more and my family needed me more. So, I didn't know what my next steps would be but I knew this was the opportunity for me to find my purpose and create my own professional success.  I knew I could depend on myself and the hard headed, independent woman inside me who likes a challenge said "challenge accepted".  That was the best decision of my professional life.  Those moments, taught me so much. Those moments, drove me to where I am today.  I let those moments teach me, inspire me and guide me to a better life. I could have wallowed in the traumas and the professional failures and let it control me forever but I am just not that kind of person. I kept treading water as the waves crashed down on me because there were some days that I could get a glimpse my own success and I wanted more. 

My life wasn't all bad. I had so many blessings to be grateful for and those are the very things that gave me the motivation to keep going, to dream of how life could be better, and to under no circumstances give up. I am a big advocate for never giving up but I am also aware that we need help along the way. Even strong minded people like me can't do everything on my own. I love to learn so if I didn't know something, I would find an answer. If I didn't like what was happening around me, I would change my environment. If I was in a dark place, I would find the sunshine or be the sunshine.

As my husband says, "you thrive in the sunshine".  I absolutely do. I started to crave more, hunt for more, and put myself only in the spots where the sunshine was. I used my past as tools for my future. Why not put the things that I have been through to good use? I was creating a better future each and every day.  I was learning from my mistakes, I was learning from the mistakes of others and I was dreaming of and creating a better life for each day forward. Knowledge is power and for the first time in my life, I was taking my power back. I wanted to control my professional fate.

I am not one to be selfish and hoard the things that I have learned. I want to not only help myself to be better every day but I want to help change the lives of others too! I see the struggles that people go through, I have been there.  I see the struggles that my daughter goes through and I want to use my story and my struggles to help the next generations also to live a happier, more positive life of purpose.  I am teaching people with traumas and insecurities that you CAN BE SUCCESSFUL.

If I had a helping hand, a guiding light, an inspirational mentor, or someone who understands me back then, things would have changed in a positive direction WAY sooner. I am dedicating my life to being that for you.  All of those years that I struggled have been made into tools to help you through your tough moments.  I will be your strength, I will be your guide when your world is dark and I will inspire you to create a new professional world for yourself full of sunshine, happiness and success.

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