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The SCARS That Built Me
This book will take you to new heights of healing and set you on a new path for emotional success. We all deserve to heal from such destructive behavior but it can be so very hard. I laid out a plan for you and guide you to go from broken and afraid, to confident and thriving. It is possible, never give up.

The TRUTH About Success

Women from across the world came together to do a collaboration that will change your life forever. Each chapter shows you how these women successfully overcame trauma and hard times in their life and never gave up on healing and moving forward even when it was tough. It is inspiring, heart warming and emotional. A wonderful read for anyone and I was blessed to be a part of it.

Many more! Go to Amazon.com and search "Angela Newhouse" or Click Here to get start!

Check out these journals!
Do you need a little inspiration, maybe a jump start to getting you on track to finding your true self? I have created several workbooks with some soul searching questions for you to ask yourself and truly learn who you are and who you want to be. 

So many people suffer in life because they are not happy with their life but they don't know why. Get started today and lets get you headed in the right direction. 

Don't need this for yourself? These make AMAZING gifts for your loved ones to help them through tough times. No words even need to be spoken, just drop it off to them and let them discover the journey that it will take them on.

I am confident that these workbooks help heal, help guide and bring a new bright outlook to your world because I have lived it. I have come out the other side with a new mindset and now I want to help all of you. 

Years of wasted time and all it took was a little self reflection, a little guidance and a little inspiration! I am dedicated to helping all of you get through your road blocks faster so that you can move on to live a more confident, heart warming and purposeful life.

Lots of swag coming soon!
We are going to have some really great SWAG! I am so excited!

Every new day is a new opportunity for you to overcome the past and start your thriving future.
365 days a year and 365 new chances!
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