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"You deserve to live a life that you love, and I'm here to help you make it happen."
Here's what I'm all about
Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Angela, an author and coach. Let me share a bit about myself!

From Surviving to Thriving
As an educator, coach, and confidence builder, I never give up on my students or clients. I have a passion for helping people find their voice and achieve success even if they carry scars from the past. My purpose and mission it to help countless individuals reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. Authenticating who you are determines your success and I help people see their worth and put their strengths into action.

I am a successful author and businesswoman who has built a life that I want and that I am proud of.  I am no longer stuck in a life that I felt forced into. I no longer submit to working at jobs that don't align with the vision of my future.  My life is, MY LIFE. I knew that if I could just get some help, if I could just get a little guidance to help me through the areas where I was stuck, then I could thrive. So, I never gave up.  Neither should you.  With grit and determination, as well as plenty of research and training on my own accord, I accomplished what others said was impossible.

If I only knew then what I know now, my success would have come earlier in life. I am grateful to have learned and continue learning so that I can help others achieve success sooner than I did. My passion and purpose is helping you authenticate your life. Seeing the positive change in my life that I never knew could happen fuels my confidence to make an impact on yours. The odds were stacked against me for so long, but with grit, determination, and vision, I was able to break through the barriers that held me back for so long. And if I can do it, so can you!

I didn't arrive here easily, though.

For years, I felt helpless inside my own mind.... Even as I was learning how to integrate more stability and positive habits into my life, I was still struggling daily.
As far back as I can remember, I have been thrown curveballs. Dodging them was not a sport or a fun game, it was live or die. I learned at a very young age that in order to survive the traumas inflicted upon me that I would need to be a survivor, a fighter and have a NEVER GIVE UP mentality. That is an extremely hard task to do on your own. Trying to live life in the best way that I knew how, I will be honest, I failed multiple times but I always, ALWAYS learned something. 
There were waves and waves of trauma, insecurities, wrong choices, lessons learned and humiliation that were drowning me and taking the success out of my life. Personally and professionally, I was failing. I was an overachiever, an emotional thinker, an emotional decision maker, a people pleaser, a settler and I always tried to be what people wanted.  I thought that in order to survive, I needed to blend. I thought that I needed to be what they wanted. The fun person, the cool chick hanging with the guys, the climb the corporate ladder girl with a bad ass job title, the tough girl, the supportive girl, the helpful girl, the whatever I was needed to be girl. I was so WRONG.  That is not only unhealthy mentally but it can take a toll on you physically as well. Who wants to settle for a life where you don't even know who you are or what YOU want?  

I knew that I was trying my very best and I was always striving to be better, but always falling short. Why? Because I wasn't doing it for me, my values or my goals. I was doing it for them.  You can serve others as long as you know who you are first.  My road came to a head when my life came crashing down around me. I almost lost my husband because of an accident, my daughter was struggling in her life and my job was making my life a living hell. I remember the day that I chose to stand up for me, my family and well... my sanity. Enough was enough.

I chose me. I chose my family. I chose to no longer fall victim to making life decisions based off of fear. I remember the day that I decided to stand up for ME. It was warm outside, I walked out and sat on my horse trailer in the sun(I love the sunshine), I took a deep breathe and I made the call that would change my life from that day forward. I quit my job, I chose my family first and I chose ME. I chose to self evaluate and figure out what I needed, what I wanted and what I could provide to the world to truly make an impact for the next generations like my daughter. I was always told not to be selfish, not to think of your wants but only the wants of others and I was told not to be cocky and demand things.

I am here to tell you that you HAVE TO take care of you first or you CAN'T and WON'T be able to serve others. To be the best version of you that you can be, self evaluation is your life line, your guide and your road map. So...I self evaluated, A LOT.

 I knew I could depend on myself and the hard headed, passionate, determined and independent woman inside of me. She always says "challenge accepted, watch me try", and she did just that. She tried, and she succeeded.  Those moments, taught me so much. Those moments, drove me to where I am today.  I let those moments teach me, inspire me and guide me to a better life. I could have wallowed in the traumas and the professional failures and let it control me forever but I am just not that kind of person. I kept treading water as the waves crashed down on me because there were some days that I could get a glimpse of a happier me and I wanted more. 

My life wasn't all bad. I had so many blessings to be grateful for and those are the very things that gave me the motivation to keep going, to dream of how life could be better, and to under no circumstances give up. However, my inner turmoil was almost unbearable.  I felt like I was on a never ending journey of fixing myself so that others would be happy.  When would I be done fixing myself for other people and be accepted and loved for who I am? I was lost. I was doing it all for the wrong reasons.  I am a big advocate for never giving up but I am also aware that we need help along the way. Even strong minded people like me can't do everything on my own. I love to learn so if I didn't know something, I would find an answer. If I didn't like what was happening around me, I would change my environment. If I was in a dark place, I would find the sunshine or be the sunshine.

As my husband says, "you thrive in the sunshine".  I absolutely do. I started to crave more, hunt for more, and put myself only in the spots where the sunshine was. I used my past as tools for my future. Why not put the things that I have been through to good use? I was creating a better future each and every day.  I was learning from my mistakes, I was learning from the mistakes of others and I was dreaming of and creating a better life for each day forward. Knowledge is power and for the first time in my life, I was taking my power back. I wanted to take control of my life.

I am not one to be selfish and hoard the things that I have learned. I want to not only help myself to be better every day but I want to help change the lives of others too! I see the struggles that people go through, I have been there.  I see the struggles that my daughter goes through and I want to use my story and my struggles to help the next generations also to live a happier, more positive life of purpose.  I am teaching people with traumas and insecurities that you CAN BE SUCCESSFUL personally and professionally.  

If I had a helping hand, a guiding light, an inspirational mentor, or someone who understands me back then, things would have changed in a positive direction WAY sooner. I am dedicating my life to being that for you.  All of those years that I struggled have been made into tools to help you through your tough moments WAY faster than I got through it.  I will be your strength, I will be your guide when your world is dark and I will inspire you to create a new professional world for yourself full of sunshine, happiness and success.

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I can't wait to meet you! 

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