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If only I knew then, what I know now. So, why not reach back and give you the tools you need to speed up your mending process! I have put together some courses, blogs, worksheet templates, free guides and other things to help you on your journey. 

If you feel lost, reach out! I have a growing community of people just like you who are ready to put the past behind them and start living their best life. There is so much life to live so lets start Mending Your Soul!
These helped me and I know they will help you.

Free Guide
Do you want to start changing your life one day at a time? I have created a guide to get you started! Take this "Mending Your Soul" challenge and apply it to your life and then when this process is over, hit repeat and use what you have learned to change your life for the positive each and every day forward!  Our lives are forever changing so applying these tools again and again can always be a plus. 

Click here to get my free  "Mending Your Soul" guide. (under construction-coming soon!)

Empowerment Coaching 

I know how much this part contributed
to my success and I want that for you. It gave 
me what I needed to be unstoppable!

Are you ready to make some changes? 

Let's work together to set up a personalized plan for you.

45 minute coaching session -$100
3-45 min coaching sessions -$275

What will you get from this? We will dive right into some pretty deep soul searching questions and not only will our conversation open up your mindset during the call but I will send you away with tools to help you in the future!

Connect With Like-Minded People  
This will help your personal growth skyrocket to a new level!

Click here and Join my growing community  and see what other unbreakable, unstoppable mended people are doing!


The Mended Soul (Facebook Page)

The Scars That Built Me (Book) 

My favorite soaps and lotions -Handmade by a talented Entrepreneur

Here are some resources for you to check out!
Who are you and who do you want to be?

Verbal abuse can have deep effects on your mental health but here are some things to help you.

Get rid of the negative and replace with the positive!

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