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These are all of the tools  that I used to heal, grow, build confidence, set visions for my future and to be successful personally and professionally.   I learned who the authentic me was and how to live life the way that "I wanted" and not live it for someone else.  It took me YEARS and now I have made tools for you to get to where I am now, WAY FASTER.
Never Give Up Workbook
This inspiring and motivational tool will keep you on track!
This is one of my favorite workbooks that I have created. It gives you daily inspiration, motivation and a long term vision. With each day you will be asked a series of question that will keep you on track towards any goals.  Whether you are working on authenticating yourself, reminding yourself what is important in your life or mapping out how to chase your dreams, THIS is the workbook for you!

Soul Searching Workbook
Deep dive into this beautiful, life changing workbook
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Deep dive into these beautiful, life changing workbooks and also use them as gifts!
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These are the stories of my life...
The SCARS That Built ME
A woman's journey through narcissist abuse
This is my story about being in the depths of domestic violence and narcissist abuse and coming out on the other side. My journey gives you the image of the mass destruction AND the tools to get out and get healed.  Learn how to rebuild a healthier and happier life.

Limited quantities available so please private message me for more information.

Dear Daughter,
A mothers gift for her daughters future.
This book is about giving the next generation the tools and advice to tackle life's hard moments and remind them to cherish the good.  Yes, we are educating our youngins' every day but is it really soaking in? I thought this would be a great way for mothers to gift their daughters a book to take with them on their journey in life.  It has a dedication page in the front and many chapters after that to build them up, remind them of their strengths and inspire them to dream big.

Grab your copy NOW by clicking the link below!
The Truth About Success
25 women from across the world got together to bring you this special book...I was one of them
This book brings you into the lives of women across the world. It tells you about their struggles and, their successes. They overcome things that no one should have to endure and these stories will bring you hope, inspiration and guidance. Some of the hardest moments of their lives will teach you things that you will carry with you in your future. 

Limited supply available. Please contact me for more information. 

FREE Challenges
These special challenges will make an impact on your life.  I created them for you to enjoy so grab one now!
30 Day Positivity Challenge
This FREE course will get you into a new beautiful daily habit of bringing positivity into your life
You may not know that you need it but this challenge is definitely a keeper!  We all get busy and we all start to get frustrated with things in life and before we know it we are being negative. Lets get you back on track and working towards more positivity which will bring more happiness! Are you ready?

Do you REALLY know what you want out of life? Or are your just living day to day surviving and losing hope of chasing your dreams? 
In this challenge you will have some hard questions to ask yourself and if you answer honestly, you will find clarity.  Take this challenge and see how it can help you get a vision for your future by bringing you clarity on WHAT you want out of life and highlighting WHO you want to be!

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