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Hello, I am Angela!

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been stuck with the funeral costs of a family member and not know what to do?  I have.  Have you ever had an unexpected accident change your entire life? I have had that also. Life throws so many curve balls at us that sometimes it is hard to know which one to dodge and which ones to catch and throw back. 

I have had a passion for helping people my entire life.  I always want to jump in and train them on things that they were struggling with or help them find solutions to problems that are causing them distress.  During this journey I have found that protecting my family, protecting my friends and protecting all of you through life insurance policies is part of my passion.  

I don't want anyone to struggle like I did.  I want you to be protected and ready for whatever may come your way.  I am a licensed insurance broker and I can find you the best deal by doing all of the work for you. I can search over 30 of the VERY BEST companies to get you the BEST coverage for you and your family. 

I am not JUST your insurance broker though.  I help people who are just "surviving" life to gain confidence, worthiness and find their identity and authenticity, so that they can live a life that they "want to" and not a life they thought they "have to". 
I  struggled for years with hardships, and feelings of helplessness and worthlessness. I was surviving life and not really "living" it.  But through hard work, determination, and a lot of self-reflection, I've learned how to successfully  "live" my life personally and professionally with confidence.  It is my vision and purpose to help others do the same!

My mission is simple: to help passionate people find their confidence and live the life they've always dreamed of. I provide the tools and resources you need to make lasting change in your life, and give you access to a supportive community that will encourage you every step of the way. If you want to know more then click on the PUBLISHED BOOKS tab.

Is your family protected?
I never really understood insurance or why I needed it. Until... I needed it. 
If you want to learn more about how I can help you protect your family, then click below.  Don't wait until it is too late. The application process is so quick and easy! Lets jump on a call and get you started today!

I am not JUST your insurance broker...
FREE CHALLENGE: Feel more positive, self-confident, and inspired in 30 days
FREE CHALLENGE: Use my 3 simple tools to GET CLARITY and add it to your daily life

Create a Foundation for Change

Set the stage for lasting change by digging deep and gaining clarity on what you really want to do in life and finally feel at your peak!

Focus on Mental Fitness

Learn daily practices, simple strategies and mental exercises (that you can actually use as a busy mom, wife, boss, and superwoman), to be the best version of you that you crave to be!

Elevate Your Environment

Learn how to kick toxicity to the curb in all areas of your life, better manage stress and keep yourself on track for positive change.

Focus & Transformation

Kickstart your transformation with life changing training, and get your goals in place for taking your transformation to the next level!
Hey there!
Did you know that I can bring confidence, authenticity and clarity into your life? I truly have life changing tools for you!

First, before we get started, ask yourself these questions.  Have you ever had control of your own life or have you always lived it in survival mode?  Are you living the life that you want to live or the life you "think" you have to live? Lastly, are you ready to break free from limiting beliefs and past situations that have held you back from success personally and professionally?

Don't know where to start? 
Here are the ways that you can get started:
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~Sign up to be a part of my once a week blog posts
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Authenticate your life . . .
    and live a life that you want to live!

This book helps you get through some of the toughest trauma that a person can endure while also giving you hope, faith and the strength to   I take you through a journey of a woman who had her confidence stripped away from her, fears instilled in her so deep that she almost broke and her life was forever changed by lasting health issues. The journey also talks about how she rebuilt her life, gained confidence and found her self worth, all while creating a mentally strong woman who could tackle the world head on. I this book, you will also find the tools to help you do the same thing.

Are you ready to change your life?

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  © Angela Newhouse

Copyright Angela Newhouse