4 ways to ENERGIZE your brain!

4 ways to ENERGIZE your brain!
Can you ENERGIZE your brain? Yes you can! I have some products that I take on a daily basis that helps the cellular structure within my body and boosts the energy in my brain. I also have these tips for you. Enjoy and have a fabulous day!

1. Word puzzles and games-  This may be out of the "norm" for you. I get it. I am not really a games type person but I have to admit, I LOVE word games. Crossword puzzles and wordscapes that challenge my brain are the best thing for me. I can get on there and exercise my brain anytime I want. It takes strategy, it takes concentration, and it takes brain power. I have learned to love these game on my phone. Traveling through airports, laying in hotel rooms or where ever you feel like you need a little YOU time.  Sometimes I just sit on my back patio with some ice tea, the sunshine beating down on me and find a new game to conquer! Who would have guessed you can have fun and energize your brain at the same time. IT'S WONDERFUL!

2. Exercise- Did you know that exercise can help your brain? It sure Can!  With the increase of oxygen to your brain you get greater mental stimulation. What a thought. Go for a walk, a run or just lift weights and stimulate your brain! Everyone always tells me how much exercise helps your body function at his best and well now I know why.  Oxygen to your blood cells is amazing at helping you think clearer. Stuck on a project and don't know what to do next? Get up and do some stretches, jog in place, or go for a walk.  You will be amazed at how that little bit of exercise will help you clear up and be less foggy. Try it, I bet you won't regret it!

3. Get enough sleep-Sleep deprivation can cause many health problems and it starts with your brain. If you do not give your brain time to recoup then you are working your body against itself. Our minds are powerful and something we also take for granted until we are older and look back and wish that we did something different. So with this new found knowledge what will you do? Will you check in to knew ways to help your body get the sleep it needs? There are some natural ways of doing that and you might be surprised how good for you that it is. I have some remedies to help you sleep. Are you ready to try a natural and safe way to let your brain rest so that you can re-energize it?  Message me and I will help you find the right fit for you. 

4. Memorize things- Did you know memorizing things is training your brain? It is requiring it to make a commitment of storing the information.  The more you add memorizing things into your daily life the more your brain will latch on to things and learn to memorize anything that crosses its path.  It increases neural plasticity which allows your brain to adapt to new challenges and helps with a professional environment and who doesn't want to be better at work? Even if you are your own boss we all could use a little help in the brain department and not forgetting things.  I mean, sometimes I can't remember where I put my sunglasses and they are on top of my hat! Yes, although I like to think I am perfect, I clearly know that I am not. LOL 

If you would like to know about some natural products that help me when I am foggy just click here.  You can learn more ways to add energy to your brain!

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