Food should NOT make you tired..learn these 3 things about FOOD

Food should NOT make you tired..learn these 3 things about FOOD
We all talk about the turkey coma at Thanksgiving and the afternoon nap after a big meal but lets think about this for a minute. That may be the case a couple times a year when we gorge ourselves and over eat but on a daily basis this should NOT be happening.

This happens to me! I call it self inflicted pain now that I actually know what is happening. Before I learned these three things about food I just felt so miserable after eating.  Here is how to find the best foods for YOUR body (because well we are all different so what is good for me may not be good for you)

!. Your food should give you ENERGY. Yes, think about this, what is breakfast? It is break-fast. We need that morning fueling to get us up and going to start our day and hit the ground running, NOT to slow us down. I am queen of not eating breakfast but learned that the reason I stopped eating anything in the morning at all was because I didn't want to drag all day like the foods made me do.

2. Food should help the CELLULAR STRUCTURE within your body. What does this mean? When our bodies are functioning correctly we have free flowing cells that are healthy and not stacked up with inflammation.  Think about it, if you wants the cells to flow through your body and function correctly then what do you need to do to get that result? Give those cells nutrients! Water, vitamins, minerals and others play a factor in our cellular structure. Find out what nutrients you are lacking and feed those cells what they need! 

3.  Food helps us HEAL OUR BODIES!  Yes, it truly does and here is why.  If you tear a muscle, or cut your skin or if you are like my husband you wreck and cut your liver in half, then how does your body heal itself? Re-read the paragraphs above! Food gives you energy, food helps the cellular structure in your body and what does energy and good cellular structure do for our bodies? It helps it HEAL from anything that tries to knock it down. If your body has energy and good cellular function then it will heal faster. 

So when you are shopping for your food maybe you should take this into consideration:

Have the items in your cart ever made you tired after you ate it? 
Do the foods cause you to feel bloated and like there is a blockage of cells in there not functioning properly?
How long does it take you to recover after you hurt yourself? 

These are not the ONLY amazing things about food and our bodies but just a snapshot to get your brain thinking because once your brain catches on then you are on your journey to finding better foods for your life and the life of your family, friends, and children.

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4 ways to ENERGIZE your brain!

4 ways to ENERGIZE your brain!
Can you ENERGIZE your brain? Yes you can! I have some products that I take on a daily basis that helps the cellular structure within my body and boosts the energy in my brain. I also have these tips for you. Enjoy and have a fabulous day!

1. Word puzzles and games-  This may be out of the "norm" for you. I get it. I am not really a games type person but I have to admit, I LOVE word games. Crossword puzzles and wordscapes that challenge my brain are the best thing for me. I can get on there and exercise my brain anytime I want. It takes strategy, it takes concentration, and it takes brain power. I have learned to love these game on my phone. Traveling through airports, laying in hotel rooms or where ever you feel like you need a little YOU time.  Sometimes I just sit on my back patio with some ice tea, the sunshine beating down on me and find a new game to conquer! Who would have guessed you can have fun and energize your brain at the same time. IT'S WONDERFUL!

2. Exercise- Did you know that exercise can help your brain? It sure Can!  With the increase of oxygen to your brain you get greater mental stimulation. What a thought. Go for a walk, a run or just lift weights and stimulate your brain! Everyone always tells me how much exercise helps your body function at his best and well now I know why.  Oxygen to your blood cells is amazing at helping you think clearer. Stuck on a project and don't know what to do next? Get up and do some stretches, jog in place, or go for a walk.  You will be amazed at how that little bit of exercise will help you clear up and be less foggy. Try it, I bet you won't regret it!

3. Get enough sleep-Sleep deprivation can cause many health problems and it starts with your brain. If you do not give your brain time to recoup then you are working your body against itself. Our minds are powerful and something we also take for granted until we are older and look back and wish that we did something different. So with this new found knowledge what will you do? Will you check in to knew ways to help your body get the sleep it needs? There are some natural ways of doing that and you might be surprised how good for you that it is. I have some remedies to help you sleep. Are you ready to try a natural and safe way to let your brain rest so that you can re-energize it?  Message me and I will help you find the right fit for you. 

4. Memorize things- Did you know memorizing things is training your brain? It is requiring it to make a commitment of storing the information.  The more you add memorizing things into your daily life the more your brain will latch on to things and learn to memorize anything that crosses its path.  It increases neural plasticity which allows your brain to adapt to new challenges and helps with a professional environment and who doesn't want to be better at work? Even if you are your own boss we all could use a little help in the brain department and not forgetting things.  I mean, sometimes I can't remember where I put my sunglasses and they are on top of my hat! Yes, although I like to think I am perfect, I clearly know that I am not. LOL 

If you would like to know about some natural products that help me when I am foggy just click here.  You can learn more ways to add energy to your brain!

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I used to swear someone stuck an IV in me and filled me full of CONCRETE...

I used to swear someone stuck an IV in me and filled me full of CONCRETE...
Have any of you felt like that? Laying in bed in the morning and before I even open my eyes and start my day, I am already exhausted. How is that possible? My body feels so heavy and I would swear that in the middle of the night someone either stacked a bunch of sandbags on top of me or stuck me with an IV and filled me full of concrete.  

Now, start your day. Get UP! There are things to do, work to be done, children to give attention to, family members to love but nope you just can't.  It is an uphill battle to drag yourself out of bed and get in the shower. Isn't a shower supposed to be refreshing? Why am I sweating and exhausted by just showering? That kind of defeats the purpose of getting clean when you are literally sweating just from washing your hair and shaving your legs. This was my life. Crazy isn't it? 

Here are 3 things that I learned during my journey:

Never, ever, give up and settle with "this is my life".  There are so many options out there these days to get help for whatever you are going through. Fight for your right to feel better. Fight for your strength back. Fight for a better life! I believe settling is not an option and I am a researcher so if you do not know where to start, message me. I would love to help you find a better quality of life. I am not promising that it is easy because it most definitely is NOT. However, the joy and peace that you will feel when you have the energy to play with your children, the strength to pack up the horse trailer and go to a horse show with your friends, or the drive to get out and do yard work with your husband is irreplaceable. 

Trust your GUT. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong then it is right. If your doctors are telling you all of your test are "normal" and you are fine so go home but you know your body and you know that you used to be strong, you used to be motivated, you used to have energy, then you keep digging and do not back down. Always trust your gut and dive deeper into researching things on your own if you have to. We know our bodies. If you are a strong guy who is always working hard, or who is always active for long hours of the day and you are feeling sluggish and tired all of the time for no particular reason then look into it. don't just ignore the signs and your gut feeling of something is wrong because your ego doesn't want to admit it. I am not saying you have to be a physically fit and in shape person who all of a sudden feels weak, tired and unmotivated. I am talking about those of us that are living our lives, work hard, play hard, and are always go go go and one day you hit a brick wall and think to yourself I "used to be able to do this" or " I used to be able to do that" and you really can't think of a particular reason why and your doctor says you have been evaluated and all is normal. That nagging feeling in your gut saying no, I am sorry but this is not normal, LISTEN TO IT.

Have courage.  Fight for your right to feel better. I can't say this enough. Yes it is scary. Yes there is the second guessing and the feeling of what if I fail or what if I am wrong. Be courageous and if you add never give up, trust your gut and have courage all together then there is hope for you to feel better! Be bold, try different things. Do not be afraid to try things out of the normal doctors and prescriptions song and dance. There ARE other ways and they are healthy and they are cleaner and they are non-addictive and they are wonderful. I was terrified. I was scared of judgement, criticism, people making fun of me, people de-friending me, etc. I have honestly had all of those feelings. I even felt like maybe my husband would look at me differently if I started going outside of what is normal. Guess what? All of those feelings are normal but are you going to allow them to take over or are you going to be courageous and try something new?  If you are ready to try something new then message me NOW .

Never Give Up, Trust Your Gut, and have Courage! 

I can help. Message me now.

Angela Newhouse
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Cut the Bull -Do you WANT to feel better? 3 things to think about…

Cut the Bull -Do you WANT to feel better? 3 things to think about…
What's your story... 

  1.  Strength – If you had the strength, what would you do? Would you go outside and play with your kids? Would you go ride your horses like you used to? Would you go for a hike and take in some mountain air? Think of the possibilities. We get so stuck in our lives and we forget to think ahead and to dream. Dream about fixing your problem and getting better! My homework for you is to write down the things you would do if you just had the strength to do it.
  2.  Happiness-What does happiness look like to you? Is happiness being able to go on a vacation and walk around the beautiful beach without getting tired? Is happiness running around the living room and making your kids giggle? Dream about what makes you smile, what truly warms your heart and makes you smile. Write it down. Remind your self what happiness is and set goals.
  3. EnergyWe all work so hard and get SO tired! We always say tomorrow, or maybe later or hold on and then we never do it. What if you never said those words again! What if you had the energy to do whatever YOU wanted to do? Take the dog for a walk. No problem. Take the kids to the park and have play time. No problem! What about every day chores that we talk ourselves into doing. Yes, there is no better way to get those chores done quickly and easily when you have ENERGY!
When you have STRENGTH, HAPPINESS and ENERGY, how does your life look? Is your heart happier? Is your family happier? Is your work life happier? YES it is! When you have all of the things above then life is just a little brighter, for me anyways. How dim is it when we lay around tired all the time, put things off that we enjoy doing but don’t have the strength, or when we are living under a cloud and just can’t seem to lift our spirits. Your homework is to write answers to the above and then, contact me. I can help you feel better! It is a passion of mine. I have been through so much and I do not want others to waste time like I did.

 Feel better, live better and FIGHT BACK against not feeling good!  

Live a happy life!

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