What are your passions? Lets plan to JUMP START YOUR PASSIONS for 2021!

What are your passions? Lets plan to JUMP START YOUR PASSIONS for 2021!
Do you know what YOU like to do? 

Let's figure this out. This is a huge step in your journey to THRIVING

So, how do you figure this out? 

What makes your heart smile? I want you to sit down and truly think about what makes you smile. Is it when you get to spend time with your children? Is it when you make arts and crafts and sell them to a customer and brighten a piece of their world? How about when you give advice to someone who is lost and they are able to then move forward from their mental block? Maybe it is riding horses?  Sit down in your room and lock the door to the outside world, or go for a walk by yourself and take some time to truly THINK and let all the things in life flow through your mind and as you think of each one make a note of the one(s) that truly just make you smile! You are thinking seriously how will this work, well it DOES. If you truly focus your mind on many topics and when you come across that one that makes you smile and touches your heart then you KNOW, that is it.

What is nagging at you that you just can't forget about?  You know that dream that you always have in the back of your mind...what is it? Is it donating time at the animal shelter? Is it painting? Is it helping youth get on track for the future and being a mentor? Maybe it is  cooking?  What about boating?  Do you like to design things?  What nags at you that you just can't seem to feel complete without?  Is it starting your own business? Lets get this figured out! 

If you are so passionate about something that you just can't seem to let it go or if you think your life is dull and you don't know what you are even passionate about then WE NEED TO FIX THAT!  If you need a cheerleader then I will be that cheerleader for you because I want to see everyone Confident & Thriving and there is a big, bright, amazing world out there and finding your PASSION is important to know on your journey.  Lets get ready for 2021 and THRIVING!

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Angela Newhouse
Never Give Up
"Livin' A Happy Life"