Food should NOT make you tired..learn these 3 things about FOOD

Food should NOT make you tired..learn these 3 things about FOOD
We all talk about the turkey coma at Thanksgiving and the afternoon nap after a big meal but lets think about this for a minute. That may be the case a couple times a year when we gorge ourselves and over eat but on a daily basis this should NOT be happening.

This happens to me! I call it self inflicted pain now that I actually know what is happening. Before I learned these three things about food I just felt so miserable after eating.  Here is how to find the best foods for YOUR body (because well we are all different so what is good for me may not be good for you)

!. Your food should give you ENERGY. Yes, think about this, what is breakfast? It is break-fast. We need that morning fueling to get us up and going to start our day and hit the ground running, NOT to slow us down. I am queen of not eating breakfast but learned that the reason I stopped eating anything in the morning at all was because I didn't want to drag all day like the foods made me do.

2. Food should help the CELLULAR STRUCTURE within your body. What does this mean? When our bodies are functioning correctly we have free flowing cells that are healthy and not stacked up with inflammation.  Think about it, if you wants the cells to flow through your body and function correctly then what do you need to do to get that result? Give those cells nutrients! Water, vitamins, minerals and others play a factor in our cellular structure. Find out what nutrients you are lacking and feed those cells what they need! 

3.  Food helps us HEAL OUR BODIES!  Yes, it truly does and here is why.  If you tear a muscle, or cut your skin or if you are like my husband you wreck and cut your liver in half, then how does your body heal itself? Re-read the paragraphs above! Food gives you energy, food helps the cellular structure in your body and what does energy and good cellular structure do for our bodies? It helps it HEAL from anything that tries to knock it down. If your body has energy and good cellular function then it will heal faster. 

So when you are shopping for your food maybe you should take this into consideration:

Have the items in your cart ever made you tired after you ate it? 
Do the foods cause you to feel bloated and like there is a blockage of cells in there not functioning properly?
How long does it take you to recover after you hurt yourself? 

These are not the ONLY amazing things about food and our bodies but just a snapshot to get your brain thinking because once your brain catches on then you are on your journey to finding better foods for your life and the life of your family, friends, and children.

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Angela Newhouse