3 things to help refresh your mind this summer!

3 things to help refresh your mind this summer!
Does a refreshing drink change your mindset?  Sounds silly doesn't it?  It is in fact an actual thing.  For me, taking a moment to myself and enjoying a nice refreshing beverage can totally change the way I feel and reset my mind.  Here is an easy blog for your day! (No brain strain needed to read this short one lol)

Summer Tips:

STAY HYDRATED-My favorite recipe is attached! Staying hydrated helps from getting that foggy brain that everyone talks about. Wash it away with this great recipe!

MAKE TIME TO RELAX YOUR BRAIN-Close your eyes for 10 minutes twice a day and reset. (yes you DO have time to do this)

SMILE -Yes, I said it. Smile. Smile by yourself, smile to others or smile in the mirror. This will lighten your mood if you just trust the process. 

Go outside, take a big deep breathe, SMILE and have a fabulous day my friends!

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Angela Newhouse
"Fight Back"