3 Reasons to FACE IT and not FEAR IT
There was a time when all that I could think about was that one moment. "That moment" controlled my life. I thought about the humiliation, the anxiety, the heart wrenching feeling of not feeling worthy, ALL OF THE TIME. I got used to it being a part of my daily thoughts. I feared it so much that I just kept holding back tears, not wanting to be around others and really wishing being invisible wasn't just something that happens in the marvel movies. 

It is time for you to GET RID OF THOSE LIMITING fears and FACE THEM.  Tackle them head on! Here is why:

1. Anxiety and stress can cause health issues- Fretting over the past or even present day traumas or mistakes can take a nasty toll on your body. When our fears and thoughts consume us then it creates stressors within our body. It creates inflammation in our body and neither of those are good for you. Imagine our bodies just cruising through life and then hitting a brick wall. That is how badly you can affect your body just with bad mental thoughts and letting fears take over. Face them, resolve them and remove those toxic things from your life and your body can thrive. 

2. Fear can cause mental health issues- Letting fear consume you can create long term mental health issues if you don't tackle it and get rid of it. There is good fear and bad fear. Good fear is your spider senses that keep you alert and keep you humble when navigating through life. Bad fear is unresolved issues that can divert you from living a happy healthy life to living a toxic, fearful, harmful life.  Getting rid of fears that haunt you, gives you the freedom to move forward in a new light and a more positive light and that will give you the ability to thrive versus just get by.  I want to see you living the very best life that you possibly can so let it go! You do that by facing it and not fearing it.

3. Personal and professional growth will not happen-If you are carrying around fears from past trauma, fears of being hurt, fears of failure, fears of criticism and many other fears. Then you will not be able to grow. You will be stuck in the same life that you lived yesterday, last week, last month, last year, etc.  If you don't like what that looks like and you dream of a happier life, a more fulfilling  life, a stress free life, a life free from what haunts you, then face it. Face you fears, take the power back. Don't let it control you, you control it. When you do that, you will have the freedom to live the very best life that you want to live.

 Watch for my next blog where I will give you ways to help you successfully FACE IT, and REMOVE IT. 

Create a better tomorrow! You are the only one that holds the key to your happiness so, DO THE WORK. 

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