RECIPE! Check out this chicken dinner idea...

RECIPE! Check out this chicken dinner idea...
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday morning!  

I haven't shared a recipe in a while but last night I made some delicious chicken and I wanted to share it with YOU. 

Chicken and spinach over rice.(Not sure what else to call it) Keep reading :)

This is GLUTEN FREE AND DAIRY FREE(you can always throw on some shredded cheese to top it off but I did not)

Here is what you will need

1 can of gluten free cream of mushroom soup
1 can of gluten free cauliflower soup
3 cups of oat or almond milk
Alpine seasoning salt(My favorite-I get this at Albertsons)
Dry powder ranch seasoning packet
A few grinds off the pepper grinder
1 lb of raw chicken breasts
3 cups of instant white rice
2 cups of fresh or frozen spinach. I like the fresh stuff but whatever you have is good. I have also made this recipe with corn and broccoli if you do not like spinach.

OK! Lets get started!

Turn your oven on 350. While you are waiting for that to warm up. Cut your chicken into large quarters. Season and brown them in a frying pan on each side BEFORE putting them into your baking pan.
In a bowl mix up the cans of soup, the dairy free milk and your seasonings. 
When you are done browning your chicken lay it out in the pan, spread your spinach out over the top of the chicken and pour your creamy soup mixture over the top. Bake for 45 min.
In a separate pan boil your water for the rice according to the instructions on the box.

When the chicken is done grab a plate, put the amount of rice that you would like and get a BIG serving spoon for the chicken to get all of the creamy soup, spinach and chicken and pour it over the rice!

It was a wonderful creamy and warm start to our fall weather.  Top it off with some wine or your favorite beverage.  I loved it and I hope that you will too!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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Who wants a recipe? My FAVORITE RECIPE for a Roast

Who wants a recipe? My FAVORITE RECIPE for a Roast
I figured that I would lighten things up a bit and give you an AMAZING recipe that can make your entire family drool. 

I LOVE food and I LOVE good tasting food even more ; ) So, I thought I would share with all of those that I love. PS That is all of YOU!

Some people don't like roasts because they can be tough or dry but MY roasts melt in your mouth and are as tender as fall off the bone ribs. It doesn't matter if it is a chuck roast, a sirloin roast pot roast etc, they will all be tender.

Do you have a crock pot? I cook mine in a small crock(depending on the size of the meat) for 4-5 hours on high. You may need to adjust this to low or medium if your crock pot is high heat output.  I like all of the juices to be able to soak into the meat and not expand into unused area of a bigger pan so I mostly use my small crock pot. I know what you are thinking. That is a long time. Just throw it in, go about your day and then BAM. It is done and ready to go before you know it. Yes there may be quicker ways but...the slow cooking makes it more tender. Well, and because of my ingredients!

Ok, I will stop explaining and just get right to it. The ingredients are below. From first ingredient to last, I never cook the same way twice as far as quantity of ingredients but it is always pretty darn close to the same. I am the kind of person who puts a little of this and a little of that and flavors it to my liking. So salt as much or as little as you prefer. 

Your Roast
Johnnys condensed Au jus liquid 1 cup -pour directly over meat
Mrs Dash seasoning -5-6 shakes or your preference 
Pendleton Whiskey(4-5 shots)-pour directly over the meat
(If you don't like using alcohol then use apple cider vinegar but only use 2-3 shots)
Alpine Mixed salt seasoning-salt to your liking but I layer the entire top of the meat with it
Chopped Garlic -2 table spoons put directly on top of meat
1 red bell pepper sliced and placed over meat
1 green bell pepper sliced and placed over meat
1 purple onion sliced and placed alongside of the meat
Your favorite BBQ sauce- I pour it over the top of the roast to seal in the seasonings

Fill the crock pot 3/4 of the way up with water and leave it. If you stick a fork in the meat and it does not fall a part. LET IT COOK LONGER. It is well worth the wait!

Also, use the left over meat for barbacoa tacos and you will have an another AMAZING dinner.

Angela Newhouse
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