3 must have steps to add to your daily routine!

3 must have steps to add to your daily routine!
In your journey to finding true happiness and advancing into living a happy life there are some things that you need to add to your daily routine. You brush your teeth daily correct? You get dressed every day right? These things that I am suggesting can be done while you are getting ready in the morning or before you go to bed at night or both. I do my daily affirmations twice a day. 

I look in the mirror and remind myself every day these three things. 

1. What is my reason WHY? What is driving you towards wanting a better or different life? What lights your fire and gives you the motivation to be a better person, to dream bigger, and to make a difference in the world? For so long I did not know my purpose. I had a life filled full of traumas and I just wanted to survive. Dreaming was out of the question because it took energy I needed and I was scared to be let down like I had been so many times. Make sure when you write down your reason why that you are very clear so that when you remind yourself daily then it imprints in your brain and becomes a must have.  For instance, my WHY is that I want to not only help others that are struggling with their self worth and confidence after trauma but I want to help my daughter, my step children always have the tools they need to tackle anything that life throws at them. That is my WHY. Help this generation and then next generation and many generations to come be unbreakable and unstoppable! 

2. Discover what you like and dislike. Remind yourself every day to cling to the things that make you feel good and not the things that make you feel bad. Grab a piece of paper and write good/bad and really look deep inside yourself and be honest with yourself. Even down to the things that may seem petty to you. Self discovery is everything. You NEED to know what makes you happy and do more of those things and weed out the bad. There is so much healing that can be done in these discoveries.

3. Mindset training. Train your mind every day to think of the good and not the bad. When we hear a scary diagnosis and they say 1/5 people do not recover from this then that is all we hear. What we need to focus on is 4/5 do. I teach my daughter to find the good in the situation. When she gets in trouble for something she thinks her world is falling a part and she says you always are mad at me. I slow down her mind and say lets discuss this. When was the last time you were grounded or in trouble? She said last month. Exactly so you have been good for an entire month and you used to be in trouble once a week. Look at the progress that you have made. That releases the stress on her mind just by reminding her that she has been doing so good lately.  Train your mind to see the good. It will ease your stress and allow you to see the bright side instead of the dark side.

These 3 things are so important on your journey to thriving. Self talk, self appreciation and self love are not selfish, they are necessary.  If you are loving yourself then you will express more love to those around you. You will start to attract more love in your life and be one step closer to livin' a happy life.

Angela Newhouse
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