3 reasons WHY to self evaluate
There are too many things in life that try and trip us up, so get yourself prepared for that step off of the curb so that you don't jar yourself.

1. You or them-When you know yourself inside and out then you will have clarity on where the problem is. If you are the problem then work on you. Figure out how you can get past what is holding you back. If you know yourself, your intentions, your heart then you know that the issue is with them. Do not carry their weight. Clarity on whether it is them or you gives you the power to know the next step of how to fix the issue so that you can move forward. 

2. Setting boundaries -When you know yourself inside and out then you know what you can handle and what you can't and it also gives you the strength to stand up for yourself. If you have a tendency to open the door for them to overload you then that is on you. If you have set your boundaries and have been clear about them then anything above that is on them. Knowing who is crossing the boundaries gives you the information that you need on who to address in order to fix it. You or them.  You can't let them overload you and then complain about it. Know yourself and your limits.

3. Clarity on what you want- Do you want to continue to run in the wrong direction or do you want clarity so that you can run in the right direction? I want to know that when I get to my destination that it was the right destination.  I don't want to get there and realize that I went the wrong way and I have to start over and keep going. If you want to be successful in your life then you can't get enough clarity, ever. Always strive for clarity in every situation.  Your success depends on clarity, communication, boundaries and knowing the problem. If you want to work 60 hours a week then you will know that. I know you are thinking, who would want to do that? Well, some people do. BUT if you don't, do some self evaluating then you won't know if you are that type of person or not. Maybe you are someone who wants to work 20 hours a week. I know what you are thinking and that is that you don't have a choice because you need a paycheck for more hours a week. WRONG. If you make the decision to say I want to work this many hours a week and make this much money then that will give you the clarity to find ways to make that happen. Write a list. My list was this-work from home, have the flexibility to be available for my daughter, make an impact on peoples lives, make $$$$ dollars a month, make an impact on peoples lives and inspire people to get past their traumas and what holds them back in life. Then...I chased a solution with everything I had until I ended up where I am today. It can happen for you too if you self evaluate.

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