Change your mindset! Get rid of daily negativity with these 3 steps

Change your mindset!  Get rid of daily negativity with these 3 steps
1. Start your morning with GRATITUDE!   It is truly amazing how waking up and being grateful can change your day completely.  You know how easy it is to be negative.  You wake up to dogs barking, your husband blaring his morning music, the long list of items you know you need to get done and you just start your day being edgy. No one "wants" to be in a bad mood. So change it! Yes it is that easy. Not without some work though. Just like getting on a diet plan or working out, it takes consistency but when you realize that you can train your brain to see the good in things and be grateful for life and everything in your life then you can start your day with gratitude! Example, I am so lucky to have those dogs that I absolutely love with all my heart that alert me when danger may be near, I am so blessed that my husband is still here to sing and blare his music after his accident last year, and I am overly blessed at the to do list because the outcome of finishing the list is going to be EPIC!  Sounds silly but once you train your mind to find the positive things and have gratitude then the negative will fade away.

2.  Find YOUR HAPPINESS! What makes YOU happy. Is it enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning on the patio before everyone wakes up, is it pulling into your dream job, or is it your hobby? Do you have a hobby?  I recommend that everyone know what makes themselves truly happy. Not what makes your children happy, what makes your husband happy or your employer, but what truly makes you smile and your soul shine. If you do not know what makes you happy then you seriously need to take the time to figure this out. Do some soul searching and find your inner happiness and use it to create a newer brighter future.  Even if it is unattainable in your current situation like going out and buying some horses lol  There are other ways to enjoy your hobby or to create your own happiness without jumping way past your comfort zone or financial situation. Start by bringing that happiness into your life.  They don't tell you to make a dream board for nothing. Start bringing more and more of what makes you happy into your life! Like horses as an example. Start watching horse videos, following pages on social media that offers that fulfillment of your hobby.  Even if your hobby is reading an intriguing book. Find a way to incorporate that into your life so much that when someone says "what makes you happy?" you know the answer and don't stutter. Find YOUR happiness and the negative lifestyle will fade away.

3. Reach your GOALS!  I am sure you are thinking that you set goals all the time. Yes, you probably do but do you reach them? Do you actually do the work that it takes to get to the end zone?  Do you even try to reach them? Think about this for a minute, most people dream up goals but never finish the work to reach the end zone.  They say I would love to someday work from home, or I would love to have more family time someday, or I would love to travel more (well maybe not in this 2020 age of the virus) but you get the drift. Saying it is not doing it.  Lets take the work from home theory. If that is what you want then have you investigated companies that allow it? Have you researched business advisors that can help you attain it? How about reaching out to other people that work from home to see what they are doing, have you done that? Or is it just a comment that flows through your lips and never has backup action to allow you the possibility of conquering it.  I decided I wanted to be home more for my teenage daughter, I decided I wanted to make a good living to provide for her and her future, and guess what? I am doing that! Research-check  Reaching out to employers that have stay at home business opportunities-check  Setting up a future business for/with my daughter-check  Business advisor to get your stay at home business to the top-check.  What have you done to reach your goal? Once you reach it there is an undeniable happiness that soothes your soul and strips the negativity away.

So what have you learned here today? Start your mornings with GRATITUDE, find YOUR HAPPINESS, and start REACHING YOUR GOALS!  Do not allow negative thoughts to creep in. Take ACTION on the above and you will see a difference!

You can message me if you need some mindset guidance or maybe some essential oils to help you on this new journey. I want you all to be as happy as I am and I will gladly help you through.

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Always start your day with gratitude!