3 questions to ask yourself to POWERFULLY CONQUER and ELIMINATE, DOUBT
Everyone has this little voice in their head that causes them to slow their roll and think about doubt.  This is a battle that some face every day. I will help you get you out of that mindset. We do not have time to waste in our life with self doubt. We are powerful, inspirational, hard working people who just need to kick that voice to the curb and keep on truckin' along.
Ask yourself the questions below each time that you have doubt creeping in. 

1. Are your intentions pure? Whenever your intentions are pure, then you will have A LOT of power behind what you are doing. Do not let doubt creep in. You have every reason to be doing what you are doing and working towards your end goal. Use that power to motivate you, heal you, and kick doubt to the curb and give your mindset a reboot of confidence instead.

2. Is your end goal ok with your moral compass?  When you are working towards a goal that aligns with your moral compass, then the doubt will take care of itself. Nothing can haunt you or make you feel icky when the end goal is morally acceptable for you. 

3. Is the reason behind your drive big enough? Sometimes if our end goal isn't big enough then we tend to let self doubt take over. Am I doing things right? What do other people think? Those questions go away when you see the big picture of how the end result can affect your life. An example would be me getting online and doing live instructional videos. A few years ago I would have never done that but now I see how doing that can help my business and the growth potential that I have if I do that. When I focused on the BIG picture and the reason behind it then the doubt and fears started to fade and my focus was now directed towards the end goal and I knew that I needed to sink or swim and I wanted to swim! So I conquered that fear and stepped up to the plate and now I realize I wasted too much time fearing it. 

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Angela Newhouse
Author and Empowerment Coach
Creator of the Daily Mental Meal Plan ~
"Eat positivity for breakfast, motivation for lunch, comprehension for dinner and peace for dessert."


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