Energize your mind!
Ok, I posted on Sunday in my group https://www.facebook.com/groups/livinahappylifeangelanewhouse/ about how important it is to energize your mind. This one may be one of the hardest things to do but it is the most important. 

I know how hard it is to be excited, or energized when you don't feel good.  Who wants to skip around when they feel bad?  Well, there is only one way to take care of that. Head on. If you walk around and say how tired you are all of the time then you will continue to be tired. This is a mindset thing. Don't let your mind control the outcome of your day. Stop telling yourself that you are tired, you need an energy drink to survive, etc.

One of the most powerful ways to energize your mind is to change your mindset.  It is kind of like how when I feel my worst, I look my best (kind of lol). I get up and get myself ready for the day and I do my hair, makeup, dress up even. The reason that I do that is to help myself feel better! When I look good there is an internal power that brings my mood up and I am ready to tackle the day. Same thing with energy. Tell yourself you have energy and then act it out.

Energizing your mind is POWERFUL. Train your mind and body to be energetic. 
*Speak with Conviction
*Head up and walk with direction
*Add energy to your words and actions, don't talk in monotone, talk with power and energy
*Put that pep in your step into your mind, tell yourself I DO HAVE ENERGY

The power of adding energy to your mind is life changing if you stay on top of it and add it to your daily life. Put out energy and get energy back. Send it out in the universe and you will attract more! It is known in the medical world that your energy flows to whatever your mind focuses on. If you are tired all of the time and that is what your mind stays focused on then you will never get out of that rut. Focus you mind on energy and you will see a change in your energy level and your body. 

This is something that has changed my life. When people come into my work and I am tired and don't feel good I make myself sit tall, speak energetic and genuinely disperse energy into their world and mine. It works. Do it.

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Take care everyone and energize your mind!

Angela Newhouse
"Never Give Up"
Livin' A Happy Life


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