Be YOU. Here are 3 steps to help you, keep being YOU

Be YOU. Here are 3 steps to help you, keep being YOU
Be YOU. We all tend to get a little caught up in competing, or day dreaming of how it would be to be Jane Doe. DO NOT stay in this mindset. Be yourself. Don't be anyone else. I struggled for years to be a little bit more like this person or that person and lost my own identity.  Why do we do that? Because deep down we don't even know who we are. Lets fix that! I have a 30 day challenge coming up and it will help you transform your mindset and give you a sense of security in knowing by the end that you know exactly who YOU are!  Follow this link to join the group before the challenge starts!

1. Think for yourself and be YOU.  It is ok to learn from others but do not lose yourself along the way. Find your own passions, your own beauty in life and your own self. In order to stand on your own two feet and THRIVE, you will need to think for yourself. Stop relying on everyone else to make decisions first. Be bold, start making YOU shine today!

2. What does your happy heart and soul look like? Find the true meaning within yourself. If you do not know what makes your heart happy then you need to do a little self discovery. Happiness comes from within not from others. In order to be the best version of yourself, you need to know what is deep within your soul and use that as stepping stones to a better life.

3. Stop worrying about what others think. You can't control other people. You can only control yourself. If you spent more time on self discovery and doing the things that make you feel good instead of worrying about and pleasing other people all of the time then you would be miles ahead of where you are. I used to get so caught up in pleasing other people, trying to follow them in their success and trying to kind of be like them that I truly lost who I was and who I wanted to be. So my advice to you is STOP. Shine in your own way. We are all unique and we are special. Don't be like anyone else but yourself.

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Don't put your dreams aside and chase someone elses, here is why...

Don't put your dreams aside and chase someone elses, here is why...
I have been down some paths in my life that I thought were right, at the time. One of those things was always being supportive and helping others with their dreams. While we want to be caring and supportive and help others, what we don't want to do is set our goals and our dreams aside just to help them. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself...what do YOU want out of life?

If you only help others you could start to lose a sense of yourself along the way and that is something that will set you back.  You need personal development and personal fulfillment in order to thrive.

Here is my advice to you:

1. Chase your dreams! When you fulfill your heart by going after your dreams then you can truly help others without hesitation.  When you always help others and not yourself it will wear you down. You can even start to have resentment towards others or maybe just get tired of helping people all together. In order to be the best YOU that you can be, make sure you are fulfilling your needs within also.

2. Do you want to look back at the last 10 years and realize that you haven't gotten anywhere? I don't want that for you. Remember it isn't selfish to want to advance your knowledge, better your life and thrive! You just need to do it in a humble manner.  The lesson though is to not put yourself on the back burner on simmer because eventually there won't be anything left in the pan to give.

3. If the big goals scare you, start with small ones. Is your dream to own your own business but scares you to even think about going after it? Start with baby steps. Start a side gig that works its way to bigger and bigger goals. If you are in sales then say hey I want to sell $1,000 a month and this is how. Totally doable. If you set a goal of wanting to sell $10,000  a month in the first month and no one even knows about your business yet then maybe you are setting yourself up for failure.

Start small, set goals, accomplish the goals, set bigger goals and so on but always, always, always make sure that you are doing whatever it is that you are doing, for you as well. Do not make all of these goals and accomplish them for other people until you have filled your cup first. 

The cup can overflow with happiness and you can thrive but not if you are dying inside and neglecting yourself along the way.  

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3 reasons why to NOT wait until next year to start your goals!

3 reasons why to NOT wait until next year to start your goals!
Ok, we all know that people do the New Year Resolution game. I have 3 reasons that you should NOT wait until the new year to set new goals.  These are important things to think about even in our every day lives! Why wait? Do it NOW.

1. Why not NOW? Give me a good reason as to why you wouldn't want to start now? Yes, it is the holidays and we are busy and maybe your goal is a diet so all of the food will be tempting BUT if you start now think of how much easier it will be for you. Example, you say to heck with it, I will start my diet after the holidays. During the holidays you gain 10 pounds. Well that is 10 pounds farther away from the goal you will set on New Year's so why not think of things NOW to make you one step closer to that goal in January?  It isn't as hard as you think. Don't over indulge, drink lots of water, and make sure you watch your portions.  Things to ponder...I would rather tackle losing 25 lbs rather than 35lbs.

2. Waiting lists can happen.  Maybe you have been putting off going to the doctor because, well, this year is shot anyway so you might as well just bag it. NO. What if I told you that if you started the process of being seen NOW then you would be closer to your end goal of figuring out what your ailments are. What if they need to refer you to a specialist and that specialist has you on a 3 month waiting list?  If you get on that list NOW then in January you will be half way down the list to be seen! 

3. Life happens. Life can definitely surprise us and we never know what will happen in the future. Start working towards your goals now so that if there are any in set backs then you won't get delayed all of the way. We always have excuses and we always have unexpected things come up in our lives so lets just get things rolling now. I don't want to say I am starting a 2021 new years resolution just to have life happen and me not be able to accomplish my goals come January. 

Start working on your goals NOW!! Want a new job next year? Start planning now, want to take a nice vacation? Start saving up NOW. Want to invest in something? Start researching NOW. 

Want to better  your health and learn to be your own advocate? START NOW! 

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What are your passions? Lets plan to JUMP START YOUR PASSIONS for 2021!

What are your passions? Lets plan to JUMP START YOUR PASSIONS for 2021!
Do you know what YOU like to do? 

Let's figure this out. This is a huge step in your journey to THRIVING

So, how do you figure this out? 

What makes your heart smile? I want you to sit down and truly think about what makes you smile. Is it when you get to spend time with your children? Is it when you make arts and crafts and sell them to a customer and brighten a piece of their world? How about when you give advice to someone who is lost and they are able to then move forward from their mental block? Maybe it is riding horses?  Sit down in your room and lock the door to the outside world, or go for a walk by yourself and take some time to truly THINK and let all the things in life flow through your mind and as you think of each one make a note of the one(s) that truly just make you smile! You are thinking seriously how will this work, well it DOES. If you truly focus your mind on many topics and when you come across that one that makes you smile and touches your heart then you KNOW, that is it.

What is nagging at you that you just can't forget about?  You know that dream that you always have in the back of your mind...what is it? Is it donating time at the animal shelter? Is it painting? Is it helping youth get on track for the future and being a mentor? Maybe it is  cooking?  What about boating?  Do you like to design things?  What nags at you that you just can't seem to feel complete without?  Is it starting your own business? Lets get this figured out! 

If you are so passionate about something that you just can't seem to let it go or if you think your life is dull and you don't know what you are even passionate about then WE NEED TO FIX THAT!  If you need a cheerleader then I will be that cheerleader for you because I want to see everyone Confident & Thriving and there is a big, bright, amazing world out there and finding your PASSION is important to know on your journey.  Lets get ready for 2021 and THRIVING!

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Energize your mind!

Energize your mind!
Ok, I posted on Sunday in my group about how important it is to energize your mind. This one may be one of the hardest things to do but it is the most important. 

I know how hard it is to be excited, or energized when you don't feel good.  Who wants to skip around when they feel bad?  Well, there is only one way to take care of that. Head on. If you walk around and say how tired you are all of the time then you will continue to be tired. This is a mindset thing. Don't let your mind control the outcome of your day. Stop telling yourself that you are tired, you need an energy drink to survive, etc.

One of the most powerful ways to energize your mind is to change your mindset.  It is kind of like how when I feel my worst, I look my best (kind of lol). I get up and get myself ready for the day and I do my hair, makeup, dress up even. The reason that I do that is to help myself feel better! When I look good there is an internal power that brings my mood up and I am ready to tackle the day. Same thing with energy. Tell yourself you have energy and then act it out.

Energizing your mind is POWERFUL. Train your mind and body to be energetic. 
*Speak with Conviction
*Head up and walk with direction
*Add energy to your words and actions, don't talk in monotone, talk with power and energy
*Put that pep in your step into your mind, tell yourself I DO HAVE ENERGY

The power of adding energy to your mind is life changing if you stay on top of it and add it to your daily life. Put out energy and get energy back. Send it out in the universe and you will attract more! It is known in the medical world that your energy flows to whatever your mind focuses on. If you are tired all of the time and that is what your mind stays focused on then you will never get out of that rut. Focus you mind on energy and you will see a change in your energy level and your body. 

This is something that has changed my life. When people come into my work and I am tired and don't feel good I make myself sit tall, speak energetic and genuinely disperse energy into their world and mine. It works. Do it.

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Take care everyone and energize your mind!

Angela Newhouse
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