3 reasons why to NOT wait until next year to start your goals!

3 reasons why to NOT wait until next year to start your goals!
Ok, we all know that people do the New Year Resolution game. I have 3 reasons that you should NOT wait until the new year to set new goals.  These are important things to think about even in our every day lives! Why wait? Do it NOW.

1. Why not NOW? Give me a good reason as to why you wouldn't want to start now? Yes, it is the holidays and we are busy and maybe your goal is a diet so all of the food will be tempting BUT if you start now think of how much easier it will be for you. Example, you say to heck with it, I will start my diet after the holidays. During the holidays you gain 10 pounds. Well that is 10 pounds farther away from the goal you will set on New Year's so why not think of things NOW to make you one step closer to that goal in January?  It isn't as hard as you think. Don't over indulge, drink lots of water, and make sure you watch your portions.  Things to ponder...I would rather tackle losing 25 lbs rather than 35lbs.

2. Waiting lists can happen.  Maybe you have been putting off going to the doctor because, well, this year is shot anyway so you might as well just bag it. NO. What if I told you that if you started the process of being seen NOW then you would be closer to your end goal of figuring out what your ailments are. What if they need to refer you to a specialist and that specialist has you on a 3 month waiting list?  If you get on that list NOW then in January you will be half way down the list to be seen! 

3. Life happens. Life can definitely surprise us and we never know what will happen in the future. Start working towards your goals now so that if there are any in set backs then you won't get delayed all of the way. We always have excuses and we always have unexpected things come up in our lives so lets just get things rolling now. I don't want to say I am starting a 2021 new years resolution just to have life happen and me not be able to accomplish my goals come January. 

Start working on your goals NOW!! Want a new job next year? Start planning now, want to take a nice vacation? Start saving up NOW. Want to invest in something? Start researching NOW. 

Want to better  your health and learn to be your own advocate? START NOW! 

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What are your passions? Lets plan to JUMP START YOUR PASSIONS for 2021!

What are your passions? Lets plan to JUMP START YOUR PASSIONS for 2021!
Do you know what YOU like to do? 

Let's figure this out. This is a huge step in your journey to THRIVING

So, how do you figure this out? 

What makes your heart smile? I want you to sit down and truly think about what makes you smile. Is it when you get to spend time with your children? Is it when you make arts and crafts and sell them to a customer and brighten a piece of their world? How about when you give advice to someone who is lost and they are able to then move forward from their mental block? Maybe it is riding horses?  Sit down in your room and lock the door to the outside world, or go for a walk by yourself and take some time to truly THINK and let all the things in life flow through your mind and as you think of each one make a note of the one(s) that truly just make you smile! You are thinking seriously how will this work, well it DOES. If you truly focus your mind on many topics and when you come across that one that makes you smile and touches your heart then you KNOW, that is it.

What is nagging at you that you just can't forget about?  You know that dream that you always have in the back of your mind...what is it? Is it donating time at the animal shelter? Is it painting? Is it helping youth get on track for the future and being a mentor? Maybe it is  cooking?  What about boating?  Do you like to design things?  What nags at you that you just can't seem to feel complete without?  Is it starting your own business? Lets get this figured out! 

If you are so passionate about something that you just can't seem to let it go or if you think your life is dull and you don't know what you are even passionate about then WE NEED TO FIX THAT!  If you need a cheerleader then I will be that cheerleader for you because I want to see everyone Confident & Thriving and there is a big, bright, amazing world out there and finding your PASSION is important to know on your journey.  Lets get ready for 2021 and THRIVING!

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Energize your mind!

Energize your mind!
Ok, I posted on Sunday in my group https://www.facebook.com/groups/livinahappylifeangelanewhouse/ about how important it is to energize your mind. This one may be one of the hardest things to do but it is the most important. 

I know how hard it is to be excited, or energized when you don't feel good.  Who wants to skip around when they feel bad?  Well, there is only one way to take care of that. Head on. If you walk around and say how tired you are all of the time then you will continue to be tired. This is a mindset thing. Don't let your mind control the outcome of your day. Stop telling yourself that you are tired, you need an energy drink to survive, etc.

One of the most powerful ways to energize your mind is to change your mindset.  It is kind of like how when I feel my worst, I look my best (kind of lol). I get up and get myself ready for the day and I do my hair, makeup, dress up even. The reason that I do that is to help myself feel better! When I look good there is an internal power that brings my mood up and I am ready to tackle the day. Same thing with energy. Tell yourself you have energy and then act it out.

Energizing your mind is POWERFUL. Train your mind and body to be energetic. 
*Speak with Conviction
*Head up and walk with direction
*Add energy to your words and actions, don't talk in monotone, talk with power and energy
*Put that pep in your step into your mind, tell yourself I DO HAVE ENERGY

The power of adding energy to your mind is life changing if you stay on top of it and add it to your daily life. Put out energy and get energy back. Send it out in the universe and you will attract more! It is known in the medical world that your energy flows to whatever your mind focuses on. If you are tired all of the time and that is what your mind stays focused on then you will never get out of that rut. Focus you mind on energy and you will see a change in your energy level and your body. 

This is something that has changed my life. When people come into my work and I am tired and don't feel good I make myself sit tall, speak energetic and genuinely disperse energy into their world and mine. It works. Do it.

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Take care everyone and energize your mind!

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Do you really KNOW yourself? 3 ways to learn about yourself

Do you really KNOW yourself?  3 ways to learn about yourself
1. Dig deep and find your core values. Find out what you stand for. If you have always been one to follow what others think or what others do because it is the easy way then take a moment to discover YOU.  We don't need to get into whether you are a republican or a democrat or whether you believe in GOD.  I am talking about, are you honest? Do you have a good moral foundation and know the difference between truth and lies and live by the truth?  Have you taken advantage of people? Do you cuss? Do you NOT allow bad words to be spoken in your presence?  Do you pray before meals or morning and night? Are you a modest and proper person?  Do you fly off the seat of your pants kind of person? These are just some examples but to honestly learn who you are inside you need to first set the ground rules and to me that starts with morals.  Some of the above questions are just discovering who you are a little more but mainly do you have honesty? Integrity? Some people don't have any morals. They will take advantage of others, they will be untruthful, they cause harm, etc. Then there are people who have a good moral core that guides them through life's troubles and keeps them on the straight and narrow path. To really KNOW yourself you need to figure out what morals you live by in your life or ones that you want to live by. We all have room for improvement so if you don't have any then sit down and create a list!

2. What do YOU like?  Have you thought about that lately? This is important because if you don't know what you like then how do you make yourself happy?  Examples: What do you like to eat? What do you NOT like to eat? What music do you like? What is your favorite "go to" thing when you need some time alone? Do you like to read? What puts a smile on your face? Do you have a hobby? Who is your favorite person to hang out with and where? Do you like the mountains or the beach?  Do you like movies? Do you like yardwork?  Discover WHO you are. This is key to Livin' A Happy Life and to finding peace within yourself. If you are lost and don't know what you like then it is hard to really create a happiness within. 

3. Are you living a life to be proud of? If you are like me then whenever you do something that you aren't proud of then it eats away at me and makes things ten times worse.  We are not perfect and throughout life there will always be ups and downs and things we wish we could go back and change but if you TRY to always make good choices and live a life that you are proud of then your road to success will be much smoother.  For some people they don't even know what the word proud means. They put others in front of themselves all of the time and they never take time to self reflect on what makes them feel good or proud. The best way is to sit down and think to yourself what those things are or could be and then set goals.  As an example, I feel proud when I have accomplished goals. Each time I check something off of the to do list it makes me feel proud of myself and accomplished.  I also feel proud when I look at my daughter and see what a wonderful person she is and how much she has overcome in her short life and how I helped her get through some very rough times and I know that she is going to be ok. That makes me the proudest of all to see her smile.  What makes you feel proud? Do you incorporate that into your life? Are you fulfilling that need within?   Can you look at your life decisions and be proud of who you are?  Proud of the kids that you have raised or are raising?  Take some time to figure this out. 

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Take Care!

Angela Newhouse

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TOP 2 ways to know what foods are good/ bad for your body!

TOP 2 ways to know what foods are good/ bad for your body!
Throughout the years we always hear the latest greatest 

"This is good for you" 
 "This is bad for you"

But does the person writing the articles REALLY know what is good for you?  Are they just speculating based off of numbers and what is supposed to be a normal category of what "most people" benefit from eating or most people have bad reactions to this.

I learned that each and every one of us is different! I learned that I was NOT going to be put in a category and labeled. 

I wanted answers and I wanted to know how to treat MY BODY. Not millions of other bodies, MINE.

Sound a little selfish? Probably. But, we only have one body and one life to live so below I put 3 things that helped me find out how to help my body and I think you should do the same!

1. Journal We are human and we can't remember everything. Sometimes I can't even remember if I had coffee or not this morning. LOL Ok maybe that is slightly skewed because I have coffee EVERY DAY but seriously, do you remember what you had for breakfast last monday or how it made you feel? How about what liquids you drank the week before and how it made you feel? If you write things down in a journal of what you are putting into your body then sometimes it can help pinpoint things that your body is rejecting. Example: Everyone says cucumbers are healthy for you. Is it healthy for them or me? Most definitely NOT me because every time I eat them (and I love to eat them but shouldn't) then my throat itches and I can't swallow good and then later I have an upset stomach. Who would have guessed that? Not me had I not seen it in my journal that every time I ate them then I had issues. It is a pain yes, but seriously, you don't have to carry around a journal all of the time if you don't want to.  You can type it in your notes on your phone or get an app to log your food and drink intake. It is super simple and will help you a ton.

2. Allergy Test Take the time to meet with your doctor and discuss options. A food allergy test may just be the key to helping you understand what your body likes and dislikes. Now if you eat it anyway well than that is self inflicted pain on your part.  I know that I shouldn't eat dairy or sugars because it affects my arthritis but sometimes I eat the ice cream anyway and sure enough the next day I can feel it! My knees will ache so bad and then I after a while you have to decide, is it really worth it?

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Digestion issues with your auto immune disease? 3 ways to help your gut!

Digestion issues with your auto immune disease? 3 ways to help your gut!
When I started having auto immune issues one of the worst things was my gut. I would be doubled over and not feeling good at all. It takes the wind out of my sails and makes getting up and going about my day so much harder. For me it would cause:

~Emotional sensitiivty

So what did I do to help myself through it? 

1. Eat smaller meals more times throughout the day! Eating snacks and smaller meals more times during the day not only adds to your energy level but it gives your stomach time to process the food it is being given and not just stack it up and hold it which causes the bloating and pain and yes, the exhaustion.

2. Drink more water! I know we hear this a lot in life and a lot of us say oh sure I will drink more water and then don't. I am guilty of that, but when I set a schedule and stay on top of my water intake then my stomach feels so much better! Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day to keep your digestion issues in check.

3. Make sure what you are eating isn't clogging you up!  Example: with my auto immune issues there has been a new found issue with gluten products. That wasn't appealing for me because I LOVED pastas and breads and well a lot of things with gluten lol. I have rearranged my eating styles to better assist my stomach in processing the foods. That has helped a ton with the bloating and the knife in your gut pain. 

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Food should NOT make you tired..learn these 3 things about FOOD

Food should NOT make you tired..learn these 3 things about FOOD
We all talk about the turkey coma at Thanksgiving and the afternoon nap after a big meal but lets think about this for a minute. That may be the case a couple times a year when we gorge ourselves and over eat but on a daily basis this should NOT be happening.

This happens to me! I call it self inflicted pain now that I actually know what is happening. Before I learned these three things about food I just felt so miserable after eating.  Here is how to find the best foods for YOUR body (because well we are all different so what is good for me may not be good for you)

!. Your food should give you ENERGY. Yes, think about this, what is breakfast? It is break-fast. We need that morning fueling to get us up and going to start our day and hit the ground running, NOT to slow us down. I am queen of not eating breakfast but learned that the reason I stopped eating anything in the morning at all was because I didn't want to drag all day like the foods made me do.

2. Food should help the CELLULAR STRUCTURE within your body. What does this mean? When our bodies are functioning correctly we have free flowing cells that are healthy and not stacked up with inflammation.  Think about it, if you wants the cells to flow through your body and function correctly then what do you need to do to get that result? Give those cells nutrients! Water, vitamins, minerals and others play a factor in our cellular structure. Find out what nutrients you are lacking and feed those cells what they need! 

3.  Food helps us HEAL OUR BODIES!  Yes, it truly does and here is why.  If you tear a muscle, or cut your skin or if you are like my husband you wreck and cut your liver in half, then how does your body heal itself? Re-read the paragraphs above! Food gives you energy, food helps the cellular structure in your body and what does energy and good cellular structure do for our bodies? It helps it HEAL from anything that tries to knock it down. If your body has energy and good cellular function then it will heal faster. 

So when you are shopping for your food maybe you should take this into consideration:

Have the items in your cart ever made you tired after you ate it? 
Do the foods cause you to feel bloated and like there is a blockage of cells in there not functioning properly?
How long does it take you to recover after you hurt yourself? 

These are not the ONLY amazing things about food and our bodies but just a snapshot to get your brain thinking because once your brain catches on then you are on your journey to finding better foods for your life and the life of your family, friends, and children.

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Are you hiding? Are you smiling in public and dying behind closed doors?

Are you hiding? Are you smiling in public and dying behind closed doors?
Do you only emerge when you feel good?  There are some people that you see all of them. The good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe for some, it is just good all of the time right?  Let's get real, life is not good ALL of the time but some make it seem that way. I have had moments where I was humiliated and broken and wanted to hide in my house and not leave for weeks. I was sad, lost, hopeless, discouraged and just really didn't want to talk to or see anyone except my husband and kids.  I was not depressed, I was at a loss for INFORMATION and help with my new problem.  Doctors? Yes, I went to one, and then another and another and another and well you get the picture.

Humiliation was at an all time high and was controlling me. I was stuck in this new hell that was controlling my every move. Or should I say the lack of movement. Can't barely do dishes, check. Can't barely cut food, check. Can't brush out hair, check. Showering well that is just exhaustion wrapped up in a sweaty mess and yes I said sweat and shower together because it was a workout just to wash my hair and shower. Laundry...HA. Carrying laundry baskets was not just a chore, it was hell. My arms would be on fire and ache so deep that tears would flow and I couldn't even stop. 

Do you have uncontrollable
~Exhaustion(not just being tired but falling asleep at the drop of a hat kind of exhaustion)
~Foggy Brain
~Emotional stress from physical weakness
~and many more

These symptoms match MANY descriptions in the medical world.  There were so many theories on what was wrong with me.  I heard everything from MS, to ALS, to Nuero issues, to EBV, to Autoimmune and well my all time favorite ....It is in your head so go see a shrink.  Many tears flowed and one day I said no more. I am going to do my own research and be my own advocate and FIX MYSELF!  I didn't WANT to be this way, what were they thinking?

I know I can overcome this. I am STRONG MINDED. I am DETERMINED.  I WANT MY LIFE BACK.  


And guess what? I didn't give up. I learned a lot and now I want to help YOU!

If you have ever had moments like these and want to share your story, message me.  I would love to chat with you and see if I can help you find a solution.  Someone reached out to me, and I am now passing it forward and reaching out to you. 

Stop hiding and click this link to message me 

I would love to help you start your new journey to feeling better!

Angela Newhouse
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Change your mindset! Get rid of daily negativity with these 3 steps

Change your mindset!  Get rid of daily negativity with these 3 steps
1. Start your morning with GRATITUDE!   It is truly amazing how waking up and being grateful can change your day completely.  You know how easy it is to be negative.  You wake up to dogs barking, your husband blaring his morning music, the long list of items you know you need to get done and you just start your day being edgy. No one "wants" to be in a bad mood. So change it! Yes it is that easy. Not without some work though. Just like getting on a diet plan or working out, it takes consistency but when you realize that you can train your brain to see the good in things and be grateful for life and everything in your life then you can start your day with gratitude! Example, I am so lucky to have those dogs that I absolutely love with all my heart that alert me when danger may be near, I am so blessed that my husband is still here to sing and blare his music after his accident last year, and I am overly blessed at the to do list because the outcome of finishing the list is going to be EPIC!  Sounds silly but once you train your mind to find the positive things and have gratitude then the negative will fade away.

2.  Find YOUR HAPPINESS! What makes YOU happy. Is it enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning on the patio before everyone wakes up, is it pulling into your dream job, or is it your hobby? Do you have a hobby?  I recommend that everyone know what makes themselves truly happy. Not what makes your children happy, what makes your husband happy or your employer, but what truly makes you smile and your soul shine. If you do not know what makes you happy then you seriously need to take the time to figure this out. Do some soul searching and find your inner happiness and use it to create a newer brighter future.  Even if it is unattainable in your current situation like going out and buying some horses lol  There are other ways to enjoy your hobby or to create your own happiness without jumping way past your comfort zone or financial situation. Start by bringing that happiness into your life.  They don't tell you to make a dream board for nothing. Start bringing more and more of what makes you happy into your life! Like horses as an example. Start watching horse videos, following pages on social media that offers that fulfillment of your hobby.  Even if your hobby is reading an intriguing book. Find a way to incorporate that into your life so much that when someone says "what makes you happy?" you know the answer and don't stutter. Find YOUR happiness and the negative lifestyle will fade away.

3. Reach your GOALS!  I am sure you are thinking that you set goals all the time. Yes, you probably do but do you reach them? Do you actually do the work that it takes to get to the end zone?  Do you even try to reach them? Think about this for a minute, most people dream up goals but never finish the work to reach the end zone.  They say I would love to someday work from home, or I would love to have more family time someday, or I would love to travel more (well maybe not in this 2020 age of the virus) but you get the drift. Saying it is not doing it.  Lets take the work from home theory. If that is what you want then have you investigated companies that allow it? Have you researched business advisors that can help you attain it? How about reaching out to other people that work from home to see what they are doing, have you done that? Or is it just a comment that flows through your lips and never has backup action to allow you the possibility of conquering it.  I decided I wanted to be home more for my teenage daughter, I decided I wanted to make a good living to provide for her and her future, and guess what? I am doing that! Research-check  Reaching out to employers that have stay at home business opportunities-check  Setting up a future business for/with my daughter-check  Business advisor to get your stay at home business to the top-check.  What have you done to reach your goal? Once you reach it there is an undeniable happiness that soothes your soul and strips the negativity away.

So what have you learned here today? Start your mornings with GRATITUDE, find YOUR HAPPINESS, and start REACHING YOUR GOALS!  Do not allow negative thoughts to creep in. Take ACTION on the above and you will see a difference!

You can message me if you need some mindset guidance or maybe some essential oils to help you on this new journey. I want you all to be as happy as I am and I will gladly help you through.

Recipe for today:
(and my favorite pick me up)
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Always start your day with gratitude!

3 things to help refresh your mind this summer!

3 things to help refresh your mind this summer!
Does a refreshing drink change your mindset?  Sounds silly doesn't it?  It is in fact an actual thing.  For me, taking a moment to myself and enjoying a nice refreshing beverage can totally change the way I feel and reset my mind.  Here is an easy blog for your day! (No brain strain needed to read this short one lol)

Summer Tips:

STAY HYDRATED-My favorite recipe is attached! Staying hydrated helps from getting that foggy brain that everyone talks about. Wash it away with this great recipe!

MAKE TIME TO RELAX YOUR BRAIN-Close your eyes for 10 minutes twice a day and reset. (yes you DO have time to do this)

SMILE -Yes, I said it. Smile. Smile by yourself, smile to others or smile in the mirror. This will lighten your mood if you just trust the process. 

Go outside, take a big deep breathe, SMILE and have a fabulous day my friends!

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If not now...then WHEN?

If not now...then WHEN?
Topic of conversation today is WHEN

That is it. One word. 

That is the word that haunts most people and they avoid that word like the plague. Answering that question of WHEN takes commitment. Hence the reason it is normally avoided. People are scared. Scared of commitment, scared of succeeding and scared of failing.  So, if we never answer the question of WHEN then WHEN do you think we will ever get new results? The answer? 

Elephant in the room has now been called out. Now can we move on? Perfect

WHEN will you decide to live a "better" life?

 This is a difficult question. It is difficult because most people don't even know what is making them unhappy. That is a big hurdle to get over. OR, maybe you do but you just don't listen to yourself or have confidence in yourself that you can change your circumstances. How do you make it better if you don't know what problem to tackle or if you don't have the confidence in yourself?  Maybe it will take an outsiders opinion, maybe it will take family and friends telling you, maybe it will take your children telling you. Maybe you already have listened to them, you just have to listen closer. Listen to the outsider asking if you are ok, listen to the family/friends that continuously check on you or offer unwanted advice, or listen to your kids saying mom/dad please come play with me.  Look back on those moments and actually listen. What are they trying to tell you? Do they want you to be a better version of YOU that they see even if you can't? Sometimes the answers are in front of us the entire time. We just need to listen and then we need to decide WHEN we want to reach out and create a BETTER life. So WHEN will you be ready? The answer should be NOW. 

WHEN will you decide that you want to FEEL better?  

You say you hurt. Ok, I can understand that. I do too. We all have our journeys that we have overcome and some of us will fight this battle every day of our lives BUT how can you FEEL better if you don't decide WHEN you will make a change? If you don't decide WHEN to change your path, then you will never know what possibilities you have for feeling better. You need to take time to collect your thoughts and decide TODAY IS THE DAY.  The stress relief that you will feel just from deciding WHEN will be enough to put a smile on your face. Relief is an understatement. They don't say that today is the first day of the rest of your life for nothing. Millions of people know that when they decide WHEN then there is a sense of comfort in knowing things are about to change. Don't know where to start? That is what I am for. Message me day or night and I will help YOU. Yes, I will be here for you. Why? I have been where you are or in a similar situation and there is an UP from here. You just have to decide WHEN.

What is YOUR answer?
WHEN will you decide to make some changes?
WHEN will you decide to reach out?
WHEN will you decide to live a better life?
NOW. You are here so Click HERE.
Make the decision.
Make the WHEN stress get off your chest. 

CLICK HERE to get that WHEN stress off your chest.

I am so excited to help YOU live a better life. I know how good it made me feel at that very moment that I decided WHEN to change my life and I want to share that with everyone! Talk to you soon!

Angela Newhouse
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4 ways to ENERGIZE your brain!

4 ways to ENERGIZE your brain!
Can you ENERGIZE your brain? Yes you can! I have some products that I take on a daily basis that helps the cellular structure within my body and boosts the energy in my brain. I also have these tips for you. Enjoy and have a fabulous day!

1. Word puzzles and games-  This may be out of the "norm" for you. I get it. I am not really a games type person but I have to admit, I LOVE word games. Crossword puzzles and wordscapes that challenge my brain are the best thing for me. I can get on there and exercise my brain anytime I want. It takes strategy, it takes concentration, and it takes brain power. I have learned to love these game on my phone. Traveling through airports, laying in hotel rooms or where ever you feel like you need a little YOU time.  Sometimes I just sit on my back patio with some ice tea, the sunshine beating down on me and find a new game to conquer! Who would have guessed you can have fun and energize your brain at the same time. IT'S WONDERFUL!

2. Exercise- Did you know that exercise can help your brain? It sure Can!  With the increase of oxygen to your brain you get greater mental stimulation. What a thought. Go for a walk, a run or just lift weights and stimulate your brain! Everyone always tells me how much exercise helps your body function at his best and well now I know why.  Oxygen to your blood cells is amazing at helping you think clearer. Stuck on a project and don't know what to do next? Get up and do some stretches, jog in place, or go for a walk.  You will be amazed at how that little bit of exercise will help you clear up and be less foggy. Try it, I bet you won't regret it!

3. Get enough sleep-Sleep deprivation can cause many health problems and it starts with your brain. If you do not give your brain time to recoup then you are working your body against itself. Our minds are powerful and something we also take for granted until we are older and look back and wish that we did something different. So with this new found knowledge what will you do? Will you check in to knew ways to help your body get the sleep it needs? There are some natural ways of doing that and you might be surprised how good for you that it is. I have some remedies to help you sleep. Are you ready to try a natural and safe way to let your brain rest so that you can re-energize it?  Message me and I will help you find the right fit for you. 

4. Memorize things- Did you know memorizing things is training your brain? It is requiring it to make a commitment of storing the information.  The more you add memorizing things into your daily life the more your brain will latch on to things and learn to memorize anything that crosses its path.  It increases neural plasticity which allows your brain to adapt to new challenges and helps with a professional environment and who doesn't want to be better at work? Even if you are your own boss we all could use a little help in the brain department and not forgetting things.  I mean, sometimes I can't remember where I put my sunglasses and they are on top of my hat! Yes, although I like to think I am perfect, I clearly know that I am not. LOL 

If you would like to know about some natural products that help me when I am foggy just click here.  You can learn more ways to add energy to your brain!

Angela Newhouse
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Learn 3 ways that you can help your body during verbal abuse. Not your mind, but your body...

Learn 3 ways that you can help your body during verbal abuse.  Not your mind, but your body...
     You are rushing around day in and day out. You have kids to get ready, a household to keep up, a husband/wife to please, your job to go to and many more things. It can get exhausting! We get so used to just living our lives and "dealing" with whatever is thrown our way that we forget to look for stressors. Why should we look for stressors? So we can ELIMINATE them. Many people do not even know the true damage that stress does to our body. One of the biggest stressors that people do not even realize is emotional stress that comes from verbal abuse. Yes, I said it, emotional and verbal abuse. I am not just talking the ladies of the group who you think oh she is being overly sensitive or she is being a girl (She is a girl by the way) but it can go both ways. The husband can be verbally abused by his wife also. There are more and more unexplained medical issues showing up in our bodies daily and we just roll with it. The Dr.s prescribe prescriptions to help with the pain or discomfort and then we just continue our lives until the stress breaks us. Our bodies start shutting down, our emotional state starts getting numb, our performance at work starts slacking and our children look at us like we are just zombies walking around and they see us walk right by them and we don’t even acknowledge their presence. 
Enough is enough! This comes from personal experience of being in a very dangerous relationship where a lot of verbal abuse was going on and I thought I was tough. I thought I could handle it. It wasn’t until the stressor was removed and the abuse began to slow down that I realized that a lot of my symptoms had been initiated by the stress my body and mind was going through. I had no clue that it was affecting my body. My mind, yes I knew that. My body? I was clueless.  To me it was emotional and yes it was scary and yes it was “stressful” but I was just dealing. You just take things day by day and continue on. There is no other option, deal with it and keep going. I discovered later in life that there were things that could help that I never even knew existed.
My 3 bits of advice if you are going through any kind of emotional or verbal abuse. 
This could be from your spouse, your boss, anyone really.
  1. TAKE CARE OF YOU-Make sure that you do not allow your immune system to be compromised. When your immune system gets so stressed that it starts shutting down then you won’t be good to anyone because you will be a physical mess. Pain, stiffness, gastro issues and the list is literally endless.  A lot of us don’t have the option to just remove ourselves away from the abuse so why not do our part to help our bodies? Get immune boosters! Start building up what you know is stressed out and breaking down. I don’t care if it is actual immune boosting capsules or if it is select essential oils that are specific to the stress you are going through. Do your research! There are so many natural products out there that can help us and that can help our bodies be the best they can be, even in the worst of situations. Best case scenario is always to remove yourself, ask for help, and get out, but lets be realistic for a moment and just say the raw truth. It is easier said than done. So help yourself in other ways. Find things like Frankincense, Harmony, Ningxia and many more to boost your immune system. You do not want your list of health issues to grow. Whatever you do just make sure that you are taking care of YOU.
  2. FIND A SUPPORT SYSTEM-This is a key ingredient to staying healthy too! Free your mind by getting things off of your chest. I am not talking about complaining and being obnoxious and blabbering all of your issues across town. I am talking about finding someone or even a group of people that may share your concerns and just discuss things. You can find a lot of help in group settings. So many people think that they are going through things alone or that they are the only ones having that particular issue but nine times out of ten there is someone else out there that knows exactly how you feel and that in itself can give you comfort by being able to talk to them about their experiences and the best parts of how they overcame the issues. This will relieve some stress off of your body, carrying it all by yourself only adds stress.
  3. WOOSAH- Yes I said that word. If you don’t know what it is then look it up! It is like what the doctors tell you when you are about to give birth…control your breathing, slow down your heart rate, relax your body. Ok we all know that is bullshit and we sometimes can’t calm ourselves down but we really do need to learn to do that. Times will get better, issues will pass but there can be lasting effects on your body if you don’t deal with stress correctly. I know we are all tough (I am for sure), I know we all don’t need anyone else’s help (we are fooling ourselves with that one) and I definitely know that we know everything about everything (at least I do - not). So my advice to you is take the time to just breathe. Woosah through the tough times because things will get better. It may not be today, or tomorrow, or 5 years from now or in my case 20 years before I seen the abuse lift a little where I could breathe but when it does you need to be strong enough to enjoy life on the other side! I am getting there and it is fabulous. Every day gets better and better.  Life gets better and less stressful every day. I mean we all have our normal stress. Kids didn’t clean up their messes, the husband didn’t do what we asked for the billionth time, your boss is a hell raising, whip cracking unappreciative psycho but hey that’s normal every day stress. Emotional and verbal abuse is a whole other ball game.  It breaks down our bodies on the inside. They always use to say sticks and stones can break our bones but words can never hurt us. They lied. Sometimes it chips away at our healthy bodies and deteriorates them. So the best thing you can do for your body is WOOSAH -De-Stress Mentally!
If you want to learn new ways to help you through tough times then click here and message me. I will share my secrets! Click here now to find some help!

 Angela Newhouse
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I used to swear someone stuck an IV in me and filled me full of CONCRETE...

I used to swear someone stuck an IV in me and filled me full of CONCRETE...
Have any of you felt like that? Laying in bed in the morning and before I even open my eyes and start my day, I am already exhausted. How is that possible? My body feels so heavy and I would swear that in the middle of the night someone either stacked a bunch of sandbags on top of me or stuck me with an IV and filled me full of concrete.  

Now, start your day. Get UP! There are things to do, work to be done, children to give attention to, family members to love but nope you just can't.  It is an uphill battle to drag yourself out of bed and get in the shower. Isn't a shower supposed to be refreshing? Why am I sweating and exhausted by just showering? That kind of defeats the purpose of getting clean when you are literally sweating just from washing your hair and shaving your legs. This was my life. Crazy isn't it? 

Here are 3 things that I learned during my journey:

Never, ever, give up and settle with "this is my life".  There are so many options out there these days to get help for whatever you are going through. Fight for your right to feel better. Fight for your strength back. Fight for a better life! I believe settling is not an option and I am a researcher so if you do not know where to start, message me. I would love to help you find a better quality of life. I am not promising that it is easy because it most definitely is NOT. However, the joy and peace that you will feel when you have the energy to play with your children, the strength to pack up the horse trailer and go to a horse show with your friends, or the drive to get out and do yard work with your husband is irreplaceable. 

Trust your GUT. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong then it is right. If your doctors are telling you all of your test are "normal" and you are fine so go home but you know your body and you know that you used to be strong, you used to be motivated, you used to have energy, then you keep digging and do not back down. Always trust your gut and dive deeper into researching things on your own if you have to. We know our bodies. If you are a strong guy who is always working hard, or who is always active for long hours of the day and you are feeling sluggish and tired all of the time for no particular reason then look into it. don't just ignore the signs and your gut feeling of something is wrong because your ego doesn't want to admit it. I am not saying you have to be a physically fit and in shape person who all of a sudden feels weak, tired and unmotivated. I am talking about those of us that are living our lives, work hard, play hard, and are always go go go and one day you hit a brick wall and think to yourself I "used to be able to do this" or " I used to be able to do that" and you really can't think of a particular reason why and your doctor says you have been evaluated and all is normal. That nagging feeling in your gut saying no, I am sorry but this is not normal, LISTEN TO IT.

Have courage.  Fight for your right to feel better. I can't say this enough. Yes it is scary. Yes there is the second guessing and the feeling of what if I fail or what if I am wrong. Be courageous and if you add never give up, trust your gut and have courage all together then there is hope for you to feel better! Be bold, try different things. Do not be afraid to try things out of the normal doctors and prescriptions song and dance. There ARE other ways and they are healthy and they are cleaner and they are non-addictive and they are wonderful. I was terrified. I was scared of judgement, criticism, people making fun of me, people de-friending me, etc. I have honestly had all of those feelings. I even felt like maybe my husband would look at me differently if I started going outside of what is normal. Guess what? All of those feelings are normal but are you going to allow them to take over or are you going to be courageous and try something new?  If you are ready to try something new then message me NOW .

Never Give Up, Trust Your Gut, and have Courage! 

I can help. Message me now.

Angela Newhouse
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How to know when … your body is not overworked, there is a bigger problem!

How to know when … your body is not overworked, there is a bigger problem!

1. Do you ever get that overwhelming feeling of exhaustion in your arms? Your hands and arms ache as you wipe off the kitchen counter. It starts with a little burn and then rushes into a deep ache that doesn’t quickly go away with stopping what you are doing. That can’t be real. Am I really that sore and tired that they burn and ache doing something simple like wipe crumbs off a counter? Maybe, I just rode my horses too long yesterday or maybe I pulled something while dirt biking. That is what I used to tell myself until it wasn’t just one day. It was one day, then another, then another and then months went by and years. Confusion? YES! Lots of it! I did not understand, I was so active and so healthy and life was…ok. So, what was the issue? 

2. Stepping out of the shower and my world was about to drop to the ground. That was exhausting. Lifting my arms to wash my hair and scrub my body and here I am fresh out of the shower but yet I worked up a sweat showering. I looked around for somewhere to sit down and rest. I rested for an hour, two hours, three hours before I could get up and brush my teeth and get dressed. Does this sound crazy to you? I thought so too. I have this overwhelming never give up attitude so here I go. I am going for it! I stand up and go to the sink to brush my teeth. Grab the toothpaste, grab the toothbrush, load it up and raise the toothbrush to my mouth. Pause, why is my arm so painful? It is a toothbrush; it weighs hardly anything. Ok fine, I reach over with my other arm and grab my elbow and lift it so that I can help my arm while I brush my teeth. This is ridiculous…This cannot be from overdoing it the day before or pushing myself too hard. Can it?

3. Laundry day! Lets do this! I reach over and grab the laundry basket and it comes about two inches off the ground. OK set it down. Ready lets do this again. Deep breathe, bend knees, LIFT! The basket falls back against me and I brace it against my stomach and my knees and take baby steps all the way to the laundry room. I set it down and I am out of breath. Seriously? Is this real? Did a laundry basket just kick my ass? (excuse the language lol) Lets not even talk about trying to get the wet laundry out of the washer. We will save that for another time. All of this has me humiliated, in pain, lost, scared, surprised, terrified and a bunch of other feelings that I could list. Enough was enough. What next? Who do I ask for help? How do I explain what is wrong? I sound dramatic, silly, and nonrealistic so how will they not just laugh at me?

THIS is how to know when there is a bigger problem going on. Do you relate to any of this? Message me, because no matter how embarrassed you are, humiliated, or how dumb you think your question will sound, trust me, I have been there. Message me to find ways to feel better!

Angela Newhouse
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What IS inflammation? Do you understand how it works in your body?

What IS inflammation? Do you understand how it works in your body?
Here is my take on things...
Inflammation is the process your body has for fighting against things that harm it. Things like infections, injuries, and toxins. When something damages your body then your immune system “fights back”. Kind of like me 😉  So when does that turn into a bad thing and cause pain? 
When it becomes CHRONIC. Chronic inflammation can cause cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, arthritis & joint pain, obesity, allergies, psoriasis, asthma, diabetes, colitis & Crohn’s disease, infection, blindness and more. Do any of those scare you? They should. Chronic inflammation is damaging to our bodies and is the reason for so many people suffering with pain. I was one of those people. 
Stiffness is a pain. Literally. It prevents us from doing the things that we love. How about saddling a horse? Imagine this, the weight of the saddle causes your arms to burn, your stomach to tighten, and your shoulders to ache. You heave the saddle up onto the horse and with a great big breath of relief, you take a break. Then you reach for the cinch and latigo and your hands just aren’t working right. You thread it through and slowly tighten it on your horse. When you are ready to pull it tight your hands ache so bad that you start to shake and throb. You finally get it tight and again, take a breath and a break. What is wrong? This should be so easy. Chronic inflammation in my joints and my hands makes my hobby of riding such a pain.
When your inflammatory levels are normal then life is much easier to do daily tasks. Lets take laundry for instance. Have you ever sat on the floor in front of your washer and tried to pull the heavy wet laundry out and you just couldn’t. When I say couldn’t I mean, bracing your legs against the washer, reaching in and grabbing small amounts of laundry and while your hands are shaking and burning you give it all you have and BAM. You get “some” of the laundry out and slam back into the wall behind you. Yes that used to be my world. Crazy isn’t it? Sounds fake, dramatic, and unnecessary right? Trust me, I know. Humiliation is something I became very used to. My days have gotten better but this is a battle that I will manage for my entire life. Do you ever wonder to yourself will this pain go away? It can. Life can be easier and better! I have researched and had so many trials and errors to get to where I am and I want to share this with you. 
Check out my “Fight Back Secret” to learn some ways that you can FIGHT BACK against your pain.
It is a passion of mine to help others out there that are suffering. Even if it is lending an ear. Message me for more details, or questions or just to talk through things. 
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Cut the Bull -Do you WANT to feel better? 3 things to think about…

Cut the Bull -Do you WANT to feel better? 3 things to think about…
What's your story... 

  1.  Strength – If you had the strength, what would you do? Would you go outside and play with your kids? Would you go ride your horses like you used to? Would you go for a hike and take in some mountain air? Think of the possibilities. We get so stuck in our lives and we forget to think ahead and to dream. Dream about fixing your problem and getting better! My homework for you is to write down the things you would do if you just had the strength to do it.
  2.  Happiness-What does happiness look like to you? Is happiness being able to go on a vacation and walk around the beautiful beach without getting tired? Is happiness running around the living room and making your kids giggle? Dream about what makes you smile, what truly warms your heart and makes you smile. Write it down. Remind your self what happiness is and set goals.
  3. EnergyWe all work so hard and get SO tired! We always say tomorrow, or maybe later or hold on and then we never do it. What if you never said those words again! What if you had the energy to do whatever YOU wanted to do? Take the dog for a walk. No problem. Take the kids to the park and have play time. No problem! What about every day chores that we talk ourselves into doing. Yes, there is no better way to get those chores done quickly and easily when you have ENERGY!
When you have STRENGTH, HAPPINESS and ENERGY, how does your life look? Is your heart happier? Is your family happier? Is your work life happier? YES it is! When you have all of the things above then life is just a little brighter, for me anyways. How dim is it when we lay around tired all the time, put things off that we enjoy doing but don’t have the strength, or when we are living under a cloud and just can’t seem to lift our spirits. Your homework is to write answers to the above and then, contact me. I can help you feel better! It is a passion of mine. I have been through so much and I do not want others to waste time like I did.

 Feel better, live better and FIGHT BACK against not feeling good!  

Live a happy life!

Message me for details on how I can HELP you!  Love this info? You will LOVE my "Fight Back Secret"! Check it out here.

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3 ways to lessen stress and chronic inflammation in your body

3 ways to lessen stress and chronic inflammation in your body
There are some things that seem to be out of your control. I know I felt that way for a very long time. The cards were dealt and I had what I had. Well that thing I had, was causing me daily stress and we are talking like LOADS of stress, which then was causing LOADS of inflammation in my body. If you find yourself in this situation, just know, there IS help out there for you. Private message me if you want to chat.

  Now on to todays' blog which deals with the results of that stress...

1. Stay active! As much as you do not feel like moving, MOVE. Even if it is going for a walk outside around your back yard. You can even stand up from your couch and walk in place! Whatever works for you. Just get that heart pumpin'! Make sure to fit it in as much exercise into your schedule as you can.  You don't have to immediately dedicate a ton of time to it, I know you are busy but little by little your body will start to crave more movement. That is a good thing! Movement creates circulation, and getting that body pumping helps the cells circulate and function correctly. This reduces body fat which in turn reduces inflammation. 

2.Adjust how you react to stress! It is super hard I know, but the results are AMAZING! The body recognizes these stressful emotions as invaders, it can pinpoint target areas anywhere in the body and the body will then react and your inflammatory markers will rise. We don't want that! I like to do what I call, Woosahing. Yes, I know it sounds funny but if you have seen the movies you will understand. LOL What if you could reach for a solution? What if you could train your body and mind to react differently and calm those emotions and lessen the inflammation? I am here to tell you, you can! Reach for your favorite oil (if you don't know which ones, that is what I am here for), take some big deep breathes and repeat until your body and mind is calmed. Walk away. Leave the stressful environment and pick up a journal and write it all down and get it out of your system. Or, try some yoga meditation exercises. I did, and it gave me a self balance feeling that I have learned to love. Whatever you do just make sure you don't give up! If one thing doesn't work, try another! Adjust your REACTION!

3. Eat LESS inflammatory foods! Have more antioxidants, try wolfberries, try blueberries or maybe my Secret juice! (Msg for details) Eat berries, fish, broccoli, and more!  Inflammatory foods are dairy, red meats, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and many more. Make yourself aware of what you are putting in your body. If you know you have a high stress lifestyle or environment then focus your eating habits on things to help versus agitate. We may not always be able to snap our fingers and change our environment but we can control our food intake. Research, try new things, find your solution!

It might take time but FIGHT BACK against the stress and inflammation and never, ever give up. When the day comes, you will feel a sense of peace and you will know that your hard work paid off and your inflammatory levels dropped and you learned to lessen your stress and inflammation. 

See you all soon on my next blog...

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4 ways Yoga can help lower your stress and anxiety

4 ways Yoga can help lower your stress and anxiety
 Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and in today's world it has become more prevalent than ever before. The benefits of it stem way beyond what I am listing here but these are my favorite.  This has recently given me peace of mind and taught me how to control my thoughts and redirect them to a more healthy energy. One thing that I learned long ago was how to center myself, my thoughts and body with simple yoga maneuvers and it has been my favorite tool to lower my anxiety ever since! I even apply the knowledge when riding my horses.  I have so much more to learn but what I did learn is below.

1. Yoga can be a powerful tool to help calm you and can help lower tension and promote relaxation. When I have high stress my body tends to tense up dramatically and I can feel it in my jaw, my back, my neck and more. Lots of tension in our bodies can add to the tension in our minds and the stress level climbs from there. So why not help lower it? The relaxation benefits of yoga help us physically and mentally and give us back control from the grip that the stress has on us.

2.  Yoga can help regulate how we breathe. If you are anything like me, during stressful situations I tend to hold my breathe a lot. Most of the time I do not even know I am doing it! After that I am taking super fast breathes to catch up and it seems to add to my stress level. Slowing down our breathing and (Woosahing is what I like to call it lol) taking deep long soothing breathes can help our nervous system and bring us back to awareness and let the level of stress start to decrease.

3.  Worrying is something that can control us if we let it but Yoga helps break that worrisome cycle. We stop worrying about what is on our mind and we start focusing on the activity that we need to perform. It is a lot like riding my horse. It is a sense of therapy for me because instead of focusing on worrying, I am focused on controlling my horse. You have a sense of coming back into your correct frame of mind and body and therefore lets go of the worrisome thoughts.

4. Yoga is a challenge and in that journey we come across self acceptance. We learn to accept our bodies, our abilities and of course our limits. We can’t do everything in life but there is a sort of peace that comes over us when we learn what we can do and what we are capable of. This self acceptance helps us lower our stress level by feeling comfortable with ourselves. 
What does Yoga do for you? I love to hear how people are moved, shifted and changed by Yoga.

Love this info? You will LOVE my "Fight Back Secret"! Check it out here.

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